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The Main Function of lead acid Battery Equalizer

HWB Series Battery Equalizer is Specially Designed for Lead Acid Batteries. 48V, 60V, and 72V models are available. It Efficiently Balances Battery Cell Voltage and enhances the system consistency, thereby prolonging the battery service life.

It Helps:

1. To balance the charge, all battery cell voltages equalize when the battery bank is charging to avoid laggard battery cell over-voltage or water loss.

2. Discharging equalization, when the battery is discharged, all battery voltage goes the same to avoid lagging battery cell vulcanization.

3. Thermal runaway warning when the thermal runaway occurs, indicating that water should be filled.


Read this User Manual carefully before you hook up the Balancer to your system.

Features of Lead Acid Battery Equalizer

1. There is no need to replace the whole battery group. Old and new batteries can be mixed.

2. Battery capacity expansion

3. Obtain 12V voltage directly from the 48V/60V/72V battery bank (24V, 36V, etc., can also be obtained, must be discharged).

4. Charge the 48V battery bank directly with a 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V charger. (the wiring of the charging socket must be modified)

48V 20A balanced charge and discharge test summary (regular use)

1. The equalization charge ensures that the original unbalanced battery voltage is getting repaired. This prevents further damage from overcharging, water loss and heat generation.

2. Equalizing discharge ensures that the original unbalanced battery voltage is equalized, preventing further damage such as vulcanization and reverse polarity caused by over-discharge.

Although the battery bank is a strictly matched configuration, there are still differences. Balancing allows all the batteries to operate under normal conditions, the capacity of the unbalanced battery bank becomes the sum of all the batteries, and the service life of the unstable battery is the same as that of the single battery.

48V Lead Acid Battery Balancer in use

48V Lead Acid Battery Balancer in use

Battery Equalizer Highlights

1. Backward Compatible: that means,48V Equalizer is compatible with 36V and 24V Batts. 60V Equalizer also can equalize 48V, 36V, 24V battery, 72V equalizer able to balancing 60V 48V 36V 24V batteries. When wiring the equalizer, connect the wire from 48V,36V,24V, and 12V to 0V (Positive Pole to Negative Pole). Once the connection is complete, the device starts self-checks. The indicator light flashes in seconds, with flash times the same as the unit quantity.

2. Multiple Protection: over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, Under voltage, overtime, and other abnormal state detection and protection, to ensure product safety.

3. Professional aluminium profile shell: special aluminium profile shell, surface oxidation process to enhance the product appearance, and also improved the protection and heat dissipation

60V Lead Acid Battery Equalizer in end user scenario

60V Lead Acid Battery Equalizer in end user scenerio
60V Lead Acid Battery Equalizer in end user scenerio

Indicator Lit and Flash Meanings

1. Two Stages of Equalizer’s Starting Detection.

Stage 1, Battery Unit Quantity Detection, the indicator light flashes every two seconds, and the number of flash times indicates the number of batteries.

Stage 2, The indicator light on 5S, equalizer mode in self-test.

2. Standby Status: indicator light stop 4S, flash 1S

3. Working status: light is Kept ON

Lead Acid Battery Equalizer Working Status:

1. Into Battery Discharging or Car driving status, and if the battery voltage difference reaches 200mV, it starts Battery Equalization.

2. any one battery cell voltage reaches or exceeds 13.6V, it starts equilibrium, All battery voltage drops to 13.4V, stop the balance

3. Anti-bubble status, dedicated charger terminal access to the qualified charger, start balance.

4. Normal charge start mode is also supported by anti-bubble status.

5. Anti-charge type only for the 48V (4 battery banks) or higher. When the batteries are less than 4, it will not support the anti-charge access start. Switch to the normal status.

Main functions and Technical Parameters:

1. Balance battery: Equalization Current 10A

2. Temperature Protection: 158 °F (70 °C)

3. Over-current protection:12A

4. Over-voltage protection, any battery cell voltage exceeds 15.8V

5. Under voltage protection, all battery cell voltage is lower than 9V

6. Thermal Runaway Protection

Note: Protection here generally means that the equalizer is stopped. When the compensation enters the protection state, the indicator flashes once every second for ten times.

It will return to its normal state as soon as it exits the protection state. However, if a thermal runaway is detected, it must wait for all battery voltages to fall below 13.4V, stop flashing every second and exit thermal runaway protection.

Battery Equalizer Installation Instruction

Before installation, ensure the Balancer is protected against short circuits (as shown in the pictures above). The wires can be wrapped in electrical tape or transparent plastic to prevent accidental contact between two wires and to prevent the fuse from blowing when the cable is connected.

Lead Acid Battery Balancer Wiring Diagram

The illustration above shows how the equalizer is connected. Note that the wiring must start from the yellow wire (48V Positive End), and the black wire must be attached last. When removing the equalizer, the black wire must be removed first.

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Lead Acid Battery Balancer Wiring Diagram

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User Manual Download

Download the user manual for this HWB battery equalizer at the download centre

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