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The Principle to Size MPPT Solar Charge Controller?

With the rapid technological advancements, there are various types of MPPT solar charge controllers. When choosing the right MPPT solar controller, we have to pay attention to 2 aspects: the current of the solar panel and the voltage of the solar panel.

Solar Panels Voltage

As per the Solar panels, we need to pay attention to the working voltage and short-circuit voltage. Working voltages normally are 18V, 36V and so on. If the working voltage is 18V, the short-circuit voltage of the solar panel should be 22V, similarly if 36V the short-circuit voltage should be 42V.

We need to choose the right controller according to the working voltage of the solar panels. Usually, when you buy the solar panels, you will have all the parameters correspondingly.

Solar Panels Current

The size of the solar controller is often in the name of how much current the solar controller handles (that is, the maximum charging current). In the market, generally, a solar controller will have 10A, 20A or 30A sizes. Some high power controllers can also handle 50A, 60A current. Even greater, 80A Solar Controller and 100A Solar Controller are also common.

When selecting the controller, please note that the discharge current of the solar panel cannot exceed this value otherwise the controller will be damaged.

So, when choosing a controller, we recommend that if the solar panel current is 6A, we should choose a 10A charge controller.

The Solar panels input voltage of the MPPT solar controller is generally about 0~150V, and the input voltage of the PWM solar controller is generally 0~55V. As long as the voltage is under these values, the right MPPT controller is easy to find.

In case of special requirements, if these input voltages are higher than the rated values, it’s also easy to find a solar charge controller manufacturer to order one.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How big of a solar charge controller do I need?

the size of a solar charge controller is calculated based on the system current that the controller have to handle. use the free calculator here and get the instant result.

⭐Which is better MPPT or PWM?

MPPT vs. PWM are both solar charge controller types that helps regulate the power flow from panels to battery. MPPT have 30% better power conversion rate then a pwm controller.

⭐How to Size MPPT Solar Charge Controller

there are various types of MPPT solar charge controllers on the market. When size the charge controllers, two factors determine the size of the mppt charge controller, the current of the solar panel, and the voltage of the solar panel. get instant results with above calculator

⭐What size wire for 80 watt solar panel to charge controller

80 Watt solar panels need a 10A MPPT Charge Controller

⭐i have a 250 watt solar panel what size charge controller do i need

if the system is 12 Volt, the charge controller for 250 Watt is 30 Amp, if the system is 24V, a 15 Amp controller will good.

⭐what size charge controller for 320 watt solar panel

to charge with 320 Watt solar panel, if the battery system is 12V, the charge controller must be 30A at least, if the battery is 24V, then a 40A Controller is requested.

⭐What size charge controller for 2 275w solar panels

2×275W solar panels is 550W in total, if the system is 12V, then you need 60A Charge Controller.