Solar Pump Inverters


PV solar pump inverter DC to AC three-phase converter 220V 0.75kw/1.5kw/2.2kw with MPPT Control for solar-powered pump System.

1.Output Power:0.75kw /1.5kw/2.2kw

2. Rated Frequency:50hz/60hz

3. Output Frequency Range:0~650Hz

4. Input Voltage Range: DC 200V-400V/Single phase 220V

5. Output Voltage Range:3 phase 220V±15%

6. Control way: Open-loop vector control(SVC) V/F control

7. Main function: Control and adjust the speed of the ac motor

8. Size: 85mm*125mm*150mm

Advantages of Solar Pump inverters

We have sophisticated engineers, scientific producing craft, and a management team with rigorous quality control systems, and the frequency inverter is equipped with advanced features as below:

1. V/F control, vector control, and output torque control;

2. Built-in RS-485 communication interface

3. Compact size, easy to install;

4. With a speed potentiometer and external panel;

5. Built-in synchronous control and proportional synchronization control;

6. 16-speed control modest, Can run automatically;

7. Can choose multiple running commands or frequency channels;

8. Can be achieved Part or all of the keys locked(Analog potentiometer unlock);

9. Relay normally open or closed, and two high configuration outputs have 100 kinds of ways optional;

10. 6 digital Opto-isolated inputs, 100 kinds of ways optional;

11. Three analogue input, one analogue output channel;

12. Having a textile pendulum frequency function, It can be widely applications for many kinds of textile equipment;

13. Built-in user timer/counter;

14. Built-in PID regulation function facilitates the realization of closed-loop control of the temperature, pressure, and tension.

15. At zero speed time, can achieve output 0-100% of Adjustable torque, With zero speed brake function, instead of foreign inverter application on a freight elevator and crane.

Solar Water Pump Inverter Specifications:

Output Power 0.75KW/1.5KW /2.2KW
Rated Frequency 50hz
Output Frequency Range 0~650Hz
Input Voltage Range DC 400V~700V
Output Voltage Range 3 Phase 380V±15%
Control Way Open-loop vector control(SVC)V/F
Main Function Control And Adjust The Speed Of The Actor
Size 150mm*126mm*172mm

solar water pump

3 phase solar pump inverter

solar pool pump inverter

solar power water pump inverter

solar pump inverter with MPPT

solar pump inverter wiring diagram

solar pump inverter circuit diagram


Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs

2.2KW, 1.5KW, 0.75KW


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