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PWM Solar Panel Charge Controller

PWM controller is a Pulse Width Modulation technology using solar charge controller, solar controller aka solar panel voltage regulator is used to regulate and protect the battery during charge and discharge process in the solar power system, so that can significantly expand the service life of the solar battery.

After years of development, pulse-width modulation (PWM) technology has become very mature. Despite the increasing popularity of MPPT controllers, PWM controllers still have room in the PV market for cost-effective and consistent performance.

PWM Solar Charge Controller Pros & Cons

PWM Solar Controller Pros:

  • PWM Regulator has mature and proved techniques
  • PWM Regulator is Simple Structure and cost-effective
  • Easy deployed
  • Less budget for a small project

PWM Solar Charge Controller Cons:

  • Low conversion rate
  • Input voltage must match battery bank voltage
  • Less scalability for system growth
  • Less Load Mode
  • Less Protection

To Better Understand, check the PWM vs MPPT Guide

Despite the comparatively low cost of PWM controllers, some PWM Charge Controllers still have very good quality, a famous brand like ZHCSolar, SRNE, and EPever have released a lot of PWM controllers that are highly cost-effective.

Based on the application, the PWM controller can be classified as RV Solar Controller, Solar Street Light Controller, Boost Charge Controller, Wind Turbine Charge Controller, multi-battery charge controller, and so on.

ZHCSolar Prvodes PWM Solar panel voltage regulator Range from 10A, 20A, 30A, 40A, 50A, 60 Amp, up to 80 Amp, System Voltage Range from 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V. Supply from EPever, EPsolar, ZHCSolar, SMK, SRNE, Victron.

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In practice, the charging efficiency of PWM controllers is not as high as that of MPPT controllers, but the price of PWM is comparatively inexpensive, so the cost of applying PWM controllers will be much lower, and in many small solar systems, the difference is not significant, PWM controllers are better choice.
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