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MPPT Solar Charge Controller

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Solar Expert from ZHCSolar gathered the most welcomed controllers/regulator and inverters on the market, purpose to make the comparison & Reviews is to help our best value customer make better decisions when ready to purcharge solar products.

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Knowledge Base

Free Solar Charge Controller Size Calculator

Check this Size Tool to calculate the right amps of solar charge controller you need.

Solar Power System / Solar Charge Controller Troubleshooting Guide

If you encountered any problem in using the solar power system or the solar charge controller not charge the solar battery, you may consult to this comprehensive troubleshooting guide to spot and fix the faults.


MPPT vs. PWM are both solar charge controller types that helps regulate the power flow from panels to battery. want to know which one is best for you? check this Comparison Guide.

Home Solar Power System

The primary components of a off-grid home solar power system are: solar panels, a solar inverter, solar racking, solar charge controllers. check the Comprehensive guide here.

Solar Charge Controller

Solar Charge controller (aka Solar battery charger regulator) is the core part of the whole solar power system which use for regulate the charge process and protect the solar batteries.

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MPPT Charge Controller

MPPT Solar Charge Controller is the upgrade Version of PWM Solar Charge Controller and utilize Maximum Power Point Tracking (Aka MPPT) algorithm to Gets the Most of Solar Energies.

PWM Solar Charge Controller

pwm charge controller is the 2nd generation Charge Controller adopting 3 stage charge process to charge the battery. it the most cost effective (economical) controller option for the low budget solar projects.

RV Solar Charge Controller

Solar Charge Controller for RV is kind of Charge Controller Specialty Designed for Vehicle & Marine Solar Power System which has negative ground design, enhanced cooling, or multiple battery bank charge features added.

Battery Balancer

Battery Balancer aka Battery Equalizer is a special device designed for equalizing battery cell voltage and power to stable battery bank performance, thereby prolong solar battery lifetime.

Wind Solar Charge Controller

Wind Solar Charge Controller is the Specialty designed for Wind Turbine Solar Power Generating System, usually is a hybrid type both work for solar and wind projects.

Power Inverter

a Inverter aka Converter is a device designed for transfer the direct current (DC) power that solar panels create to alternating current (AC) power that applied in home and Vehicle Solar System. off grid, grid tie and micro inverter are the main types.

Hybrid Inverter Charger

Inverter charger is a combination of solar charge controller, power inverter and a built in transfer switch, ideally to applied in the Home & RV grid tie system.

Solar Battery

a Solar Battery is the battery applied in the off grid solar power system. typically is agm and lead acid type, LiFePo4 type becomes hit in recently.

As an innovative company in the energy industry with an engineering background, zhcsolar also offers a number of energy related product solutions, including Solar Controllers, Hybrid Inverters, Solar Battery,DC to DC Battery Charger, Battery Manage System (BMS), Car Inverters, Solar Panels, Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD), MC4 Connector, MC4 Tool Kit, Car Battery Charger and many more.

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