Battery Equalization Ultimate Guide in 2022

Battery Equalization Ultimate Guide in 2022 1

Battery Equalization Intro

The ultimate guide to understanding what battery equalizer and equalization is, equalizing the battery with an added equalizer for your solar batteries or RV batteries is a must when you want to achieve a long time usage, battery balancer is a perfect solution when you facing this pain and can save extra money without replacing an imbalanced or died battery.

battery equalizer also called battery balancer, uses an active energy transfer method to keep each battery with the same voltage level. It can be widely used in solar batteries, RV batteries, Golf Cart Batteries, and any other battery bank.

What is battery equalizer what is battery equalization

battery equalizer is a device that transfers energy from one battery to other connected battery to equalizing the battery system voltage. the battery equalizer can compensate both parties when the battery is connected, if the voltage difference exceeds 10 mV, then the battery equalization starts to work, Final achieved the passive balancing of the batteries set. It can be connected for long periods for automatically battery state of equilibrium.

How to Choose Battery Balancer

How to choose a battery equalizer depends on the number of batteries you have and the voltage of the battery. Usually, there are 12V, 24V, 48V, 60V, 72V, 96V equalizers available on the market for certain battery configuration. The 12V equalizer is produced by Victron energy. The 24V, 48V, 60V, 72V, 96V equalizers are provided by zhcsolar.

The choice of equalizer depends on the type of battery. The Vicron battery equalizer is only suitable for lead-acid and AGM battery, while the zhcsolar equalizer has 2 types. The HA series can be used to equalize lead acid battery (VRLA), Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries ( LFP), Nickel Cadmium Secondary Batteries (Ni/CD), and Nickel Metal Hydride Secondary Batteries (Ni/MH) lithium ion. HWB series is suited for all types of a lead-acid battery, but not suit for a lithium battery.

The hazard of imbalanced battery

usually, in a battery bank, there will be multiple batteries connected in parallel or in series. as there is no same battery exists. it may cause charge and discharge differences even the battery is idle, also due to the different levels of self-discharge, it could lead to an imbalance between serially connected battery at charging process when differences existed, it could make a battery excessive charge or discharge, and the other battery has insufficient charge or discharge. In the long term, this situation will dramatically affect the battery service life and performance.

48v battery balancer

24v battery balancer

How to equalize batteries in Battery Bank

Battery equalizer is easy to use, plug and play

First, select the appropriate equalizer according to the voltage of the battery. Second, follow the manual steps to correctly connect the equalizer.

1. Charge the battery packs to full first

2. Connect the battery positive pole first on all units

3. avoid short circuit

4. connect the battery negative pole then

5. the battery balancer will automatically work then.

Although the battery bank is a strictly matched configuration, differences still exist. The balance makes all the battery work under normal conditions, the unbalanced battery bank capacity becomes the sum of all batteries, the unbalanced battery service life will be the same as the single battery.

Where to Use a Battery Equalizer

As long as there is an unbalanced battery pack, you need an electric battery equalizer, no matter what the purpose of the battery pack is.

Battery Equalizer is recommended to implement to autos, boats, golf carts, motorcycles, solar, trucks, RV, electric forklift batteries, solar system, and any other battery bank Configuration. the balancer also works when there is a battery charger connected to the battery.

Where to Buy Battery Equalizer

Battery Equaliser is available in many eCommerce platforms like eBay, Amazon and zhcsolar online store

How Long to Equalize Battery Bank

the time to equalize battery bank depends on the voltage difference in the batteries. as the working principle of equalizing, this time can be varied from days to weeks, usually the equaling can be automated finished in 2 days.

At this time, you don’t need to remove or disconnect the equalizer. The equalizer can always be connected to the battery pack. Equilibrium is a long-term project because batteries are often in a state of charge and discharge, and long-term connections can maximize results.

Battery Equalization Process

Battery Equalization Process refers to the process of transferring energy from one battery to another until all the batteries are unified equalizing.

Normally, after the battery equalizer is connected according to the correct steps, the equalizing system will automatically work without supervision.

Battery Equalization Voltage

There are 6 battery bank voltages suit for implemented a battery equalizer, 12 volts, 24 volts, 48v, 60V, 72V, and 96V. Higher voltage batteries bank can use multiple equalizers.

Battery Equalizer Reviews

The following review is for reference. It is the customer’s review of the ha02 battery balancer.

Battery Equalization Ultimate Guide in 2022 2
Perfect protection for 2 new strings of 8A8D 12-volt batteries wired in series for 48-volts. The solar & grid chargers were not dividing the voltage equally across the AGM batteries, and some were getting almost 2 volts too much! This would surely have destroyed my new 5,000 dollar battery investment. The battery bank is 1/4 if the system cost. Would have been nice to have just a couple more inches if wire leads and 4 fuses built inline with the leads. These units do “exactly” what they say they’ll do… balance battery voltages when charging and discharging. Will be ordering a spare or two to have on hand in the event they go bad and are discontinued. The entire off-grid solar power system relies on these small balancers.
Battery Equalization Ultimate Guide in 2022 3Wesley Bell"/>
This was just what I was looking for. Battery storage is the most expensive part of an off-grid system and this makes managing the charge super simple. Connection took about 20 minutes for two of these on my 490 ah 48 v system and where I was getting a split range of 12.9-14.1 on each battery, they were now all being the same voltage during the very important cc/CV charge cycle.
Wesley Bell / Wesley Bell

Equalizing AGM Batteries

The answer is yes, equalize AGM battery process and equalize other kinds of battery process is the same, Choose the right equalizer and install it correctly, it is done.

Battery Equalizer Wiki

on Wikipedia, an equalizer is referred to A battery balancer or battery regulator is a device in a battery pack that performs battery balancing.[2] Balancers are often found in lithium-ion battery packs for cell phones and laptop computers. They can also be found in battery electric vehicle battery packs.

Equalizing RV Batteries

There are many types of RV batteries, and the zhcsolar equalizer can balance most types of batteries on the market. Purchasing zhcsolar to balance rv batteris has never been a problem., Choose the right equalizer and install it correctly, it is done.

Equalizing Deep Cycle Batteries

The answer is yes, equalize Deep Cycle battery process and equalize other kinds of battery process is the same, Choose the right equalizer and install it correctly, it is done.

Lead-acid Battery Equalization

The lead-acid battery is the most widely used battery type. And for various reasons, lead-acid batteries will slowly vulcanize until they are scrapped.

disposal lead-acid batteries can pollute the environment, it is necessary to use an equalizer to extend battery life. equalize Lead-acid battery process and equalize other kinds of battery process is the same, Choose the right equalizer and install it correctly, it is done.

24V Battery Equalizer

24V battery equalizer In the market only offers by zhcsolar and called HA02. This equalizer can connect to two 12V batteries. HA02 is very popular in the market and can be easily purchased online.

Ha02 equalizer supports a wide range of battery types, which is a very good choice for 24V battery systems.

Battery Equalizer 12V

Battery equalizer 12v is offered by Victron energy, it has a good product quality and good balance effect. the disadvantage is that the ability is too small, for example, when you want to equalize the 48V battery bank, 1 zhcsolar ha02 48V equalizer is enough, and with Victron, you need to use 3.


Just follow this guide to properly select the equalizer and use it correctly, then you will save the cost of replacing the battery and it is also very environmentally friendly.
If you have any further questions, contact a zhcsolar expert help you now

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