MPPT Solar Charge Controller

MPPT solar charge controller is a technology that is specifically made to work with virtually all the photovoltaic. Certainly, it’s for the solar unit wherein module voltages are higher than the batter voltages. It’s an electronic system than assists the solar module produces all the power which they are able to. On the other hand, it’s not the mechanical tracking technology which physically moves the modules towards the direction of the sun to convert more sun energy to electrical energy. At MPPT solar charge controller is a smart electronic device which looks at the power output of the solar array which is feeding power into the charge controller and looks at the battery collection which is needing charging and matched the voltage and current to utilize the utmost output of the solar array.

The Importance of MPPT Solar Charge Controller

  • When you look at the many solar panels out there and begin to see their results, you’ll see that the range of voltages from low to high and have the variation of the voltage in normal operating parameters. A usual solar panel is made to work in excess of 18 volts. Storage batteries are made to a range or predefined voltage that is based on the structure of the battery. A lot are made to work at 12 volts.
  • Check out the works or functions of a standard PV regulator. It tracks the battery charging and at the same time provides them the security from getting undercharged or overcharged. You connect the regulator straight to the battery and then to solar module. A high quality MPPT solar charge controller works out and analyzes the voltage at which the module could generate utmost power as for its capability. Effectiveness and efficiency of the most of the MPPT solar chare controller is between 93% and 96%. This kind of solar charge controller is valuable in cold weather and on cloudy days when there’s almost no sunshine. This is the time when more power is needed to charge the battery in order to keep the SOC level.
  • A MPPT solar charge controller could be a remarkable combination with a grid-tied solar module. Other remarkable benefit of the MPPT solar charge controller is that you save lots of time in the cable and wiring expenses that means which a smaller gauge cabling or wiring could be utilized.
  • While selecting a MPPT solar charge controller, you have to ensure that these essential features are on hand:
  • Voltage and Current Regulation, Pulse with Modulation or PWM control, current compensation load disconnection, temperature compensation as well as automatic load reconnection.

Electronic Security

Over charging security, deep discharging security, reverse polarity protection from the module side as well as from the side of the battery. Reverse polarity security from internal fuse, short circuit security as well as over voltage security at module input. Also you need to ensure that there’s open circuit security without battery, over temperature as well as overload security and even battery over voltage shutdown.

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