24V Battery Equalizer


The 24V Battery Equalizer can connect Two 12V Batteries by default, whether in series or parallel. The maximum compensation current is 10A. For 48V or higher voltages Battery group, multiple 24V equalizers can be installed in parallel.

The hazard of imbalanced batteries

When charging two or more batteries in series, one can become under and over-charged. The service life of an expensive battery bank can be substantially shortened due to the state of charge unbalance. Then The battery balancer measures and equalizes the charging voltage, ensuring balanced charging.

24V Battery Equalizer Features HA01:

The Balancer was built with a Voltage Equilibrium System, which helps keep Batteries in Heath Condition and Prolong Battery Service Life.

Intelligent Protection against Reverse polarity protection to ensure the safety of the device and users, Low Voltage Disconnect features to Protect the batteries

1 Set of battery equalizer for 2 Batteries Connection by Default,1 Balancer for 24V (12V + 12V) Battery Bank System, 2 Sets for 36V (12V + 12V + 12V) Battery Bank System, 3 Sets for 48V System

Usage of 24V Battery Balancer

Battery Equalizer is recommended for use in autos, boats, golf carts, motorcycles, solar, trucks, RV’s, electric forklift batteries, and any other battery groups Configuration to help the battery stay balanced when charging imbalance battery packs.

The principle of Battery Balancer

24V Battery Equalizer is specialized for keeping up the voltage balance of batteries connected in series during the Charging and Discharging process; 

Differences in the chemical composition and temperature of the battery cell that is connected in series cause two battery charge and discharge differences even the battery is idle, also due to the different levels of self-discharge could lead to an imbalance between serially connected batteries at a charging process because there are differences, it could make a battery excessive charge or discharge, and the other one insufficient charging or discharging. 

As the charge-discharge process repeat, this difference will gradually strengthen, eventually leading to premature battery failure.

Ha01 battery equalizer can compensate both parties when the battery is connected in series as the voltage difference exceeds 10 mV. The equalizing batteries Procedure starts to work and Finally achieves a balance of each battery Cell. 

It can be connected for long periods to automatically battery state of equilibrium.

for more information, check this battery equalization guide

3 Benefits of Using a Battery Balancer

Avoid Battery Bank Damage

New batteries connected in series should all have the same initial state of charge. Otherwise, the large differences will cause battery damage due to excessive gassing and sulfating.

The battery balancer equalizes the state of charge of connected batteries to avoid damage.

Improve Lifespan of Battery

This self-perpetual imbalance shortens battery life due to drying out and sulfating.

The battery equalizer improves performance and extends the life of batteries charged in series by up to 30%.

Save Extra Cost

There is no need to buy an extra battery to replace a damaged one, thus reducing the expenses of new procurements.

Battery Balancer 24V 12V Differences

There are a few 12v battery balancers on the market, like Victron’s 12v Balancer, which only can balance Two 6V batteries at 1 time; when there is a 24 bank need balancing, then you need to buy an extra equalizer, but zhcsolar’s Ha01 did not have this problem. 1 unit is enough to solve the pain. Then Choosing from the Battery Equalizer 24V 12V won’t be a worry.

24V Battery Equalizer Wiring

24V Battery balancer Wiring

24V Battery balancer Install


Specification of 24V Battery Balancer:

Battery nominal voltage / 2×12V

Optimizing current / 0-5A

Quiescent current <3mA

Size 70×70×27 mm 0.25kgs

Low voltage disconnect 10V

Guide for Connect the Battery Equalizer:

Connect the Balancer is a simple thing; follow the step on How to Connect the Battey Balance in 3 Steps.

Battery Balancer 24V Package:

1 Battery Balancer ha01

1 User Manual

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs


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