Lithium ion Cell Balancer BMS



Active lifepo4 balancing BMS for 4 String & 8 String /12V & 24V Lion Ion Battery Cell.

Active Lithium-ion balancers have become the mainstream, active equalization of the lithium battery pack, the overall high efficiency, no temperature rise, equalization speed, and good effect of long life.

When the BMS chip detects the battery voltage difference is too large, it will immediately start the equalization control. Under the control of the energy transfer circuit, the high voltage battery will make energy transfer to the adjacent low voltage battery so that the voltage of the adjacent low voltage battery will be equal or similar, and finally achieve the same voltage of all the batteries in the whole battery pack (the highest one can charge the lowest one, or the highest one can charge the whole group or (the highest can charge the lowest, the highest can charge the whole group or the whole can charge the lowest).

In the Active balancing Process, the short-time high current can be used to achieve fast equalization; thus, the active equalization method requires relatively low battery consistency and beats the passive equalization method in terms of performance, even though its structure is relatively complex, and the cost is relatively high, it may still become the mainstream method of BMS power equalization in the future.

Feature of Li-ion Cell Balancer

Suitable for lithium iron phosphate, ternary lithium batteries, lithium titanate batteries

Active Lithium Cell Balancing



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12V, 24V


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