Buck Boost Solar Charge Controller 72V 60V 48V 36V 24V

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The ZHCSolar BB01 is an advanced Multiple Voltage, 12 Amp MPPT Buck Boost Solar Charge Controller and panel optimizer. It finds the TRUE MPPT or GLOBAL MPPT operating point and ignores the false maximum that occurs on partially shaded panels. This results in significant gains in charge current over competitors. Solar input operation extended from 24 to 72 volts regardless of battery voltage. It’s a great unit to charge solar-powered vehicles like solar golf carts, eBike and tri bikes.

When you don’t have enough space to install too many solar panels or have a budget, this is a perfect solution that allows you to use a lower-voltage solar panel to charge a higher-voltage battery.

It can BOTH lower (Buck) and raise (Boost) Solar voltage to Battery voltage at very high efficiency over 99% peak.

Support Battery Type: Lithium-ion Battery, LiFePo4 Battery, Lead Acid Battery, Gel Battery, AGM Battery, etc.

Support Battery Voltage: 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V

Solar Panel Optimal Working Voltage: 15V-50V

The solar boost controller with an OLED display function can clearly show the solar system’s charging current, voltage, working temperature, and battery voltage to keep track of the system’s operation.

OLED display advantages: high-definition, energy-saving, clear display in bright light or at night.

When an error occurs, the boost controller with a key reset function uses the reset key to restart, which is easy to operate.

The solar booster is equipped with an intelligent Cooling Fan, and The fan turns on automatically when the casing temperature exceeds 50°C/122°F. When the body temperature is lower than 50°C/122°F, the fan is automatically turned off. Reduce power consumption and improve efficiency.

The solar booster uses highly integrated premium chips, precision circuit boards, and SMT chip processes to create high-quality Products.

This buck-boost solar charge controller integrates multiple protection functions, including overcharge protection, overcurrent protection, reverse current protection, short circuit protection, reverse connection protection, and temperature protection, to ensure equipment safety and personnel use.


Features of the Buck-Boost Solar Charge Controller

  • System drive-by Solar Power generated from Panels.
  • Small Size: 4.4 x 3.4 x 1.6 inches (113 x 86 x 39 mm)
  • ​Under 1 pound (342 Grams)
  • Easy connection with only two wires in and out.
  • ​Works with Lithium Iron Phosphate or Lead-Acid Batteries.
  • Anti overcharge, anti overcurrent (12A), reverse current Protect, short circuit protection, temperature protection (over 90 ℃/194°F will intelligently reduce the charging current)
  • Toggle the plus and minus buttons to set the charging voltage, support lead-acid batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, ternary batteries
  • ​2-Year Limited Warranty / 40+ Year Design Life
  • Contact us for Volume Discounts of 10+ units.
  • Fan Cooling


Product Parameters

Nominal Voltage: DC 12V-50V

Maximum Current: 12A

Rated Power: 18V/300W. 36V/450W

Battery Voltage: 24V/34V/48V/60V/72V

Working Temperature: -20℃ ~ 60℃

buck-boost-solar-chage-controller-application buck-boost-solar-charge-controller-wiring-diagram boost-mppt-charge-controller-wiring-diagram


1. strictly prohibit the use of the over-voltage and over-power controller. Connecting the battery does not bind the solar panel, and the controller will not work.

2. before installing the controller, please confirm the voltage gear, which must be consistent with the battery voltage, and strictly prohibit high-grade voltage charging low-grade batteries.

3. installation steps: first, connect the solar panel to the controller, then connect the battery. Controller input and output are red wire positive, black wire negative

4. the length of the wire connecting the controller as short as possible to reduce electrical losses

5. solar panels should be placed in the sun without any shaded places to use.

6. the controller will be hot during operation. It is recommended to install it in a ventilated cooling environment.

7. copper wire is strictly prohibited instead of a fuse. The controller fuse is 10A

Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs

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