Solar Charge Controller 50 amp 48V


About this 48V Solar Panel Charge Controller

This new intelligent 48v Solar Panel Charge Controller can handle max 100V input power and has a 12V/24V/36V48V auto Identification system.

Features of WP 48V Solar Charge Controller 50 Amp

POWERFUL 50A Solar Charge Controller: Our reliable and efficient 50 Amp PWM Charge Controller Support Lead-acid Battery and LiFeP04 Battery Charging and Discharging, It Also Can Work From Solar Panels when the Voltage of the Lithium Battery is 0 (Zero) V, 12V 24V, 36V 48V Auto to realized the Most Use of Solar Energy

COMPACT DESIGN: This Solar Controller Size is 7.95 × 5.2 × 2.4 In, equipped with Efficient Cooling Fins, Built-in Temperature Probe for Temperature Compensation, Limited Lightning Protection

EASY TO USE: LCD Display with Backlight Function (Easy Read in a Dark Place), Simple Button Operation, LCD Display Indicate Battery Power, Voltage, Current and Charge & discharge Status, Daily Power Statistics, Adjustable Charging and Discharging Control Parameters – it’s really that simple.

FEATURES YOU’LL LOVE: Accumulated Amper Hours, Various Load Mode and Working Mode, General 24-Hour Working Mode, Light Control Mode, Light Control Delay Mod, Light Control delay & Morning light Mode, and Reverse-Light Control Mode

ULTRA-PROTECTION: Our Charge Controller is designed to provide the Most Safety Experience to the Customer with That Protection: Load overcurrent/short-circuit protection, Battery over-discharge/overvoltage/low voltage protection, Solar panel/Battery reverse connect protection, and Battery Reverse Discharge Protection. It also has a Charge Current Protection feature that Most Controllers in the Market Do Not Have – order today to enjoy Solar Power.

WP5048D 50A Charge Controller Chips

WP5048D 50A Charge Controller PCB Board

During the installation and usage, please obey the following safety regulations and notices to avoid damage to the controller.

1. Get the tools and cables ready. Use an appropriate line to ensure that the current density is less than <6A/ mm, which is conducive to reducing the cable voltage damage.

2. Temperature increases when components work. Please install the controller in a flat, well-ventilated environment.

3. In the wiring process, please connect the battery first (ensure the correct identification of the battery voltage level), then connect the solar panel. After the controller completes the battery voltage lever identification, manually close the load output of the controller and connect the controller at last.

4. For safety reasons, do not use solar panels that exceed the rated current of the solar controller; do not connect the load overcurrent; do not use an AC / DC switching power supply instead of solar panels to secure the controller.

Solar Charge Controller Product Open & Setup Instruction

Notes for the Lithium Solar Charge Controller

1. When using this lithium solar charge controller to charge a lithium-ion battery in an environment below 32℉, your lithium battery must have a low-temperature working function.

2. The Solar controllers do not have the equalizing function for the lithium battery. So, the lithium battery must have a built-in voltage-equalizing function.

3. Please connect the controller in the right order. otherwise, damage may occur

4. When removing the cables, please in reverse order.

Max PV Array Input Voltage / Watts (Battery Voltage): 24V/800W(12V), 48V/1500W(24V), 70V/3500W (48V)

Technical Parameters of 48v solar panel charge controller

50 amp solar charge controller Rated Current:50A

Input Voltage:≤100V

Max wire size: 5AWG

Please Note:

The controller is defaulted to charge lead-acid batteries, and the battery type is not automatically identified. You should adjust it manually if you want to charge lithium batteries. Please refer to the manual for the setting.

The total voltage of the solar panel cannot exceed 50V in 12V/24V charging mode.

The total voltage of the solar panel should be at most 100V in 12V/24V/36V/48V mode.

If you have more than one panel and are not sure how to connect, you can consult us or referring the manuals to avoid burning the controller by connecting it wrongly,


For charging a 12V battery, generally use the panel with a working voltage of about 18V

Charge 24V battery, generally use the panel with a working voltage of about 36V

Charge 48V battery, generally use the panel with a working voltage of about 72V

Download 48V Solar Charge Controller Manual.

Note: The user Manual for this 48V Solar Charge Controller is available for download on Download Center

This Product support ODM and Private Label Product Customization. Contact zhcsolar to ask.


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