Solar Power Calculator

Helps you know how much energy you’re using when you go off-grid.

Our off grid solar power calculator will help you estimate how much solar power you need based on your house electrical appliances and your typical power usage.

You can also adjust the parameters such as battery capacity, panel efficiency, and sun hours to see how they affect your solar needs.

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Solar Power Calculator - Free Sizing Tool
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How to Use the Solar Power Sizing Calculator

Step 1: Select all the appliances used in your home and their wattage, and their daily hours of use.

Step 2: If you do not have certain appliances in your home, you can select the “None” option

Step 3: If there are some appliances in your home that are not listed, you can enter the correct wattage and hours of use in the “Other” option.

All of the above wattage and hours of use will be used to calculate your daily consumption, and based on this consumption, you will know how much investment you will need if you choose to go off-grid, and you can also use this solar panel calculator to calculate how many solar panels you will need.