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Best Lithium Solar Charge Controller of 2023 Review

The Lithium Solar Charge Controller is a type of charge controller specially optimised for charging Lithium-ion and LifePo4 batteries.

For a long time, solar charge controllers only supported charging lead-acid batteries, but as lithium-ion batteries have become more widely used in off-grid solar systems, an increasing number of controllers now support charging lithium-ion batteries.

Difference between a Lithium Solar Charge Controller and a Conventional Charge Controller

The main difference between a lithium solar charge controller and a lead-acid charge controller is the power management system. lithium solar chargers use constant current charging mode and must have a built-in protection board.

Like other dedicated solar controllers, lithium battery solar controllers have MPPT type and PWM type. An MPPT solar charge controller is a charge controller that uses a Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithm to harvest the most energy from the solar array.

PWM charge controller usually has only 70% conversion capacity compared to an MPPT mode. MPPT mode is strongly recommended in most cases, but some PWM charge controllers also stand out in practice.

We have selected the most popular LifePo4 battery solar charge controllers on the market for comparison and evaluation.

Best Lithium Battery Solar Charge Controller of 2023

  • EPever TracerAN MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • BB01 Buck Boost Solar Charge Controller
  • ZHCSolar SCF60 MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • ESmart MPPT Charge Controller
  • MC RV MPPT Charge Controller
  • HP6024 60 Amp Solar Charge Controller (PWM)
  • WP5048D Solar Charge Controller (PWM)
  • Lithium Solar charge controller SL03 Series (PWM)
  • HQST 30 Amp Solar Charge Controller (PWM)

1. EPEVER TracerAN MPPT Solar Charge Controller

The Epever TracerAN MPPT solar charge controller is equipped with automatic system voltage detection from 12 to 24V and an auto-save configuration function.

It can also be linked to PC software or an MT50 tracker for continuous monitoring, with a multi-function LCD display for data display.

The charge controller works with gel, sealed ,flooded and LFP lithium batteries and has a range of load control modes inclu

ding manual, light and light timer.

In addition, the controller comes complete with safety features including battery over-voltage, load overload, short PV or reverse polarity and more.

The product also comes with a 24-month warranty.


Type: MPPT
Battery voltage: 12-24V
Max input voltage: 100V
Max current output: 20A,30A,40A
Max. Solar Input Voltage: 100 VDC
Weight: 2.87 lbs.
Dimension: 9.84 x 5.91 x 6.3 in

2. BB01 Boost Solar Charge Controller

The ZHCSolar BB01 is an advanced 12 Amp MPPT Buck Boost solar charge controller and panel optimiser. It finds the TRUE MPPT or GLOBAL MPPT operating point and ignores the false maximum that occurs with partially shaded panels. This results in significant charge current gains over competitors.

The solar input range has been extended from 24 to 72 volts, regardless of battery voltage, so it’s ideal for charging solar-powered vehicles such as solar golf carts and trikes.

The Solar Booster BB01 is supports charging a variety of batteries, including lead acid battries and lithium ion batteries, with authentic MPPT function.

This boost charger allows you to charge a wide range of 36V-88V battery systems with 18V and 36V panels. Click on the links below to find out more.

3. ZHCSolar SCF60 60A MPPT Charge Controller

This is a high-end 60 Amp MPPT solar charge controller that supports 12V 24V 36V 48V system voltage automatic identification and auto-switching. also supports a wide solar voltage input range from 18-150V.

The controller’s MPPT conversion efficiency is up to 99%, and it is designed with fan cooling to ensure that the device always has high power output, there is no load drop even at high temperature, and continues full power output for an entire day without derating.

This controller has a wide range of applications and can be installed and used in multiple solar power scenes.

This SCF60 60A MPPT solar charge controller features high tracking efficiency > 99.5% and peak conversion rate > 97.8%. System voltage 12V/24V/36V/48V auto switch, Max PV input voltage:150V, Max PV input power: 900W(12V), 1800W(24V), 2600W(36V), 3400W(48V)

Support Various Battery Type: Sealed, Gel, AGM, Flooded, Lithium battery and User Define Type, LFP battery is also supported by this controller while most controllers in the market don’t.

scf60 mppt review

4. ESmart MPPT Charge Controller 40 Amp 60 Amp

This ESmart MPPT solar charge controller has 40A and 60A version, the MPPT controller is the 3rd generation MPPT solar controller, based on the 1st generation experience and customer feedback, we have optimised the display, control mode, connection mode and internal structure.

Adopt MPPT control algorithm can quickly track the maximum power point of PV array, and improve the utilization of solar energy, LCD display and PC control design convenient user to view, record and set parameters, products can be widely used in the solar off-grid system of communication base station, household use system, RV system, street lamp system and field monitoring, etc..

It supports high watts solar panel charging and can be stacked for large systems.

It also comes with a temperature sensor to help with temperature compensation

This MPPT charge controller supports 48V 36V 24V 12V auto and handle max 150V PV input, support charge lithium, LiFePO4, lead-acid battery.


5. ZHCSolar MC RV MPPT Charge Controller

This MC Series MPPT Charge Controller uses Power Catcher technology for efficient and reliable solar battery charging. The series has 20 Amp, 30 Amp, 40 Amp and 50 Amp model for choice, this series MPPT Controller is specially designed for RV and Marine battery charging purposes.

This new and improved ZHCSolar MPPT RV Charge Controller offers much more than a standard MPPT Charge Controller with the latest Power Catcher high tech.

The controller is compatible with lithium-ion batteries, lithium iron phosphate battery,gel batteries, sealed batteries and open batteries. This highly efficient charge controller protects the batteries from overcharging or over-discharging. This protection extends the life of the battery bank.

It can also be controlled and monitored remotely by adding a Bluetooth component


6. HP6024 PWM Solar Charge Controller

This 60A solar controller is a 12V 24V automatic identification smart charging regulator, support charge lot type of battery, like seal, gel, open lead-acid battery and lithium batteries. The PV Max. Input Voltage is 55V and Max Panel Input Power is 900W for 12V battery system, 1800W for 24V battery system.

Upgrade 3-stage PWM (pulse width modulation) charging algorithm, over-discharge or regular battery equalisation charge, effectively prevent the battery from the unbalanced or curing phenomenon, effectively extend the battery life (colloidal lithium batteries excluded).

You can also charge electronic devices via its usb port

This HP6024 PWM Solar Charge Controller was a top quality PWM Controller on the market. strongly recommend a limited budget project.


7. WP5048D PWM Solar Charge Controller

This 50A solar charge controller is a new generation of multi-functional, intelligent solar charge and discharge controller that can handle up to 100V input power and has a 12V/24V/36V/48V auto identification system. The controller installation is safer and more reliable due to the innovative structural design.

Optimised charge and discharge management significantly improves battery life.

At the same time, the large LCD has more content, the diagram is more beautiful and easier to understand, and the simplified display management maximises the display of the working status and parameters of the system.

The intelligent backlight control makes the display easy to read even in dimly lit environments. A wide range of control parameters can be set to suit different application requirements.

The WP5048D supports lead acid batteries and lithium battery charging, and can also work from the solar panel when the voltage of the lithium battery is 0 (zero) V.


8. SL03 PWM Charge Controller for Lithium Battery

SL03 series controller is a kind of intelligent multi-function solar charge and discharge controller.

This series adopts the new 32-bit microprocessor to collect and calculate various parameters, which is much more accurate and faster than the former 8-bit microprocessor, the custom LCD with wide temperature range is with vivid operation interface.

The latest proprietary technology solves the problem of solar panel voltage display, almost all parameters can be displayed and set flexibly. All multimeters and other voltage and current instruments can be replaced by this controller, which can satisfy your various requirements.

This controller supports various types of batteries: Lithium battery, Gel battery, car battery, even old battery.


9. HQST 30 Amp Solar Charge Controller

The HQST 30A Amp Solar Charge Controller is an intelligent and multifunctional solar charge controller with dual USB ports designed to charge electronic devices.

Is a renogy Rover competition product, features a lithium battery charge and dual USB discharge.

Although it has limited amperage processing capacity, it can still perform very well, and your lithium-ion system with inverter can rely on it to run steadily

The disadvantage is a common positive design which is not suitable for RV solar charging systems.



Best Lithium Charge Controller is a controller that charges the lithium battery and LifePo4 battery, charge lithium battery has some difference with charge lead-acid batteries. this kind of battery must have a protected board inside and has a special power management protocol for charge lithium-ion batteries. we have chosen the best performance mppt charge controller and PWM charge controller above for your reference.

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