PWM Solar Charge Controller Manual

PWM Solar Charge Controller Manual

80A PWM Solar Charge Controller Manual Online


This is the Online Version of 80A PWM Solar Charge Controller User Manual, you can also download the PDF version at Here.

This is an 80A PWM solar controller used in solar systems to regulate the energy produced by the sun and to help feed current safely into the batteries. 12V and 24V systems are both suitable. It can support up to, 1920W solar system.

Product Introduction

the MP Series is a kind of intelligent Multi—purpose solar charge and discharge controller, has the following Features.

LCD screen display Battery reverse discharge protection
Easy operation interface Battery reverse polarity protection
MPPT+PWM charging mode Battery under voltage protection
Parameter user can reset Overload, short—circuit protection
A key to open and close the load automatic temperature compensation function
A key to restore the factory settings USB 5V charging (500mA) for mobile phone

Installation Instructions

Prepare installation tools and materials, and cables, please use qualified cables.

Ensure the current density <4A/mm2, this will help to reduce the line voltage drop

ensure the installation spot meets the required safety criterion, avoid damp, dusty, and flame.

Install the controller to a fixed vertical plate, make it well ventilate.

Installation sequences. First, battery to charge controller, then charge controller to solar panel, make sure the polarity is right connected.

Before Use: plug the external temperature sensor to the top probe interface, it will detect the environment temperature and then process the temp compensation.

Warning: in order to prevent accidents from occurring, make sure to read the instruction before any procession.

Charge Controller LCD Reading


LOAD ON xx H (Hours, 1 – 23 Hour settable)

0H, Light (Load) control Model, lit on Night and Off at daytime.

24H Mode, the Light is lit for 24 hours.

1H-23H Light control delay mode, set a timer after the light lit after night.

Left PV xxA : Charge Current, Right PV xxA : Discharge Current

Left PV OFF xxV: Voltages Input Value, Right PV OFF xxV: Battery under protection voltage.

Temperature Value, Right Load On xxV, Under Voltage Recovery Voltage.

Function Key

“+” Set Parameters Plus, “-” Set Parameters Minus

Long Press the Toggle Button 5 seconds to restore the factory settings.

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Common fault with processing methods

Battery under voltage protection Battery normal power supply

a) Under voltage protection and handling: screen display as shown on the right indicates the battery voltage is below the under voltage protection voltage, the controller has entered under voltage
b) Retaining state, disconnect the load circuit. Using solar panels or charger to charge the battery when the accumulator
c) After the battery voltage reaches the under voltage recovery voltage, the controller will restore power to the load, into normal working condition.

Overload protection and processing methods:

In the screen shown at right, load circuit current is greater than the rated current or load short—circuit, overload state controller has entered. Reduce the load troubleshooting, press the buttons, restore power to the load.

Solar panels fault and processing:

In the case of sunlight, the controller is not charging, the solar energy is not connected or not wiring correctly, check the solar panel to the connection cable of the controller is open, troubleshooting, recoverability work.

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Parameter table

Parameters/Model Mp30 MP50 MP60 Mp80
Maximum power current 30A 50A 30A 80A
Installation Lin (mm2) 10mm2 15mm2 20mm2 25mm2/3AwG
Weight 380g 750g 800g 850g
Dimensions 188X93X50(mm) 188X128X61(mm)
System load loss -.13mA
Loop Buck .,..100mV


Battery float voltage 13.8V(12V system) /27.6V(24V system)
Battery(under voltage)protection 10.6V(12V system) /21.2V(24V system)
Battery(undcr voltage)recovery voltage 12.6V(12V system) /25.2V(24V system)
Charge mode MPPT+PWM MODE
Operating Temperature -10°C-60°C
Storage Temperature -30t-70t
Humidity requirements -…90%, No condensation
Temperature compensation —4mV/Cell/t
Temperature Probe(built components) NTC 100K thermostats
Maximum open circuit voltage of the solar panel 18V-24V(12V system) 36V-48V (24V system)
Solar panels maximum open circuit voltage(V) +-54.8V

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