Micro Grid Tie Inverter 110V 500W 600W 700W


The Micro Grid Tie Inverter is a compact unit that converts DC current to AC current to power appliances or equipment and connect to the utility grid.

There are three models available: 500W 600W 700W.

The 110V microinverter’s AC output is synchronized and in phase with the utility grid.

This inverter is mainly used in small solar systems, the micro inverter enables maximum power point tracking to maximize the total output power.

The highest conversion efficiency can reach 92%. The stable working performance also has high reliability and safety.

Easy Operation: Connect to the grid and use, and the operation is very simple. Built-in high accuracy instrument can show the working status.

Great Material: Adopting premium aluminum alloy material, the micro inverter is not likely to malfunction. It is very durable for long-term use.

Micro Grid Tie Inverter 110V 500W 600W 700W converter
Micro Grid Tie Inverter 110V 500W 600W 700W converter


Item Type: Solar Micro Inverter

Material: Aluminum alloy

Output Voltage Waveform: Sine wave

PV DC Output:

Input Connector Quantity: 1 set

Maximum power point tracking range: 24V-40V

Operating voltage range: 18V-50V

Maximum DC input voltage: 50V

Start voltage: 18V

AC Output:

Single Phase Mains Type: 110V – 120V

Rated AC voltage: 120V AC

Output voltage range: 80V-160V

Rated AC Frequency: 50/60Hz

Output Frequency Range: 50Hz: 47.5-52.5Hz, 60Hz: 57.5-62.5Hz.

Output Power Factor: >0.99

Total harmonic distortion of output current: <5%

Power Efficiency:

Maximum conversion efficiency: 92.00%.

CEC Weighted Efficiency: 120V AC: 90

MPPT Tracking Efficiency: 99.90%

No Load Loss: <700mW

Temperature Range: Ambient temperature: -40℃ to +65℃,

Storage temperature: -40℃ to +85℃

Waterproof rating: IP55

Comprehensive grounding: The PE end of the AC cable is the

grounding wire of the equipment, and there is no other grounding connection.

Protection Mode: Island protection, voltage protection, frequency protection, temperature protection, current protection, etc.

Package List:

1 X Solar Micro Inverter
1 X AC power cable

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500W, 600W, 700W


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