Boost Charge Controller

Boost MPPT Solar Controller is a kind of solar panel voltage regulator that adopts MPPT technology and has voltage boost charge function.

Boost charge controller is able to charge a higher voltage (24V 36V 48V 60V 72V) battery bank with lower voltage (18V or 36V) solar panels.

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Learn what a Boost Solar Charge Controller is.

The driving of your golf cart or electric vehicle has never been easier! You can easily juice up your battery with the help of the sun with the ZHCSolar Boost Charge Controller.

Available in 18V to 86V versions, this handy device will help you charge your battery at a much faster rate. This will ensure that your vehicle runs longer.

As an added bonus, the controller also helps monitor the health of your battery. So you can stay informed and make smart decisions about battery maintenance. Keep cruising in style with the ZHC Solar Boost Charge Controller Series.