Solar Charge Controller with Remote Display

Best Solar Charge Controller with Remote Display

What is a solar charge controller

The solar controller is one of the core components of an off-grid solar system. Its main job is to regulate the process of charging the solar panels to the batteries, and it comes with a protection function to protect the solar panels and batteries from being damaged.

If you have a home solar system, a solar charge controller with remote display will help you monitor your system’s performance remotely and timely. Unlike traditional charge controllers, these units can be configured to direct power to either of the batteries at various times. Moreover, they allow you to choose charging priorities between two different battery banks in increments of 10%. If one battery is fully charged, the controller will switch to the other battery. Some charge controllers even come with a remote display that gives you information about your solar panels’ performance and tilt.

What is a remote display

A remote display is a device that can remotely control and display real-time parameters of the system, which is connected to the solar controller via cable, wlan or Bluetooth.

Most of the advanced charge controllers have an LCD display that displays several useful parameters about your solar system. These meters typically display the amount of energy collected by the solar array, the amount of energy credited to the battery, and diagnostic error messages. Some units even come with a remote display so you can monitor and adjust your system from anywhere. This is particularly convenient for users who are not close to their solar panels all the time. Lastly, some solar charge controllers with remote displays have buttons to help you control the system.

Benefits of a remote display

The solar charge controller with remote display has several advantages to help you better accomplish solar charging The main advantages are as follows:

  • Remote control: you can set up, control and observe the system operation from a distance.
  • Easy access: only a cable or Bluetooth network is needed to access the system.
  • Instant Alerts: If there is a system failure, the remote controller can notify in a very timely way.
  • Data statistics: You can view the system power generation and usage remotely.

Best Solar Charge Controller with Remote Display

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying a solar charge controller with remote display is the power rating. While the higher the rating, the more expensive it is, it will allow you to scale your system and account for different weather conditions. Make sure you choose one that has the power you need, or else you will be disappointed. In any case, the more power the solar charge controller has, the more likely it will run your system at a lower efficiency level.

MPPT Solar Charge Controller MT5020MT

This MT5020MT Charge controller is a zhcsolar RV controller, and the best thing about this controller is that it has a built-in Bluetooth component rather than an accessory module.

The built-in Bluetooth system means this controller can be mounted in a corner spot so it can be viewed and controlled remotely. This is an important advantage in RVs, boats where space is tight.

This MPPT charge controller supports a wide range of battery types, from the most basic AGM, Gel, and lead-acid batteries to the recently popular lifepo4 batteries, which are all well supported, and the controller comes with a battery transfer switch that can be adjusted for different battery types.

The built-in fan cooling system also makes the performance of this machine excellent, as the solar controller system will inevitably generate heat when running, good heat dissipation can greatly enhance the performance of the system.

The controller has a optional MT5 Remote display to access the controlling remotely.

30A Dual battery charge controller with remote display

MC Series RV Solar Charge Controller

This MC Series MPPT charge controller uses Power Catcher technology for efficient and reliable solar battery charging. the series has 20 Amp, 30 Amp, 40 Amp, and 50 Amp Model for Chosen, this series MPPT Controller is specially designed for RVs and Marine Battery Charge purposes.

The MC MPPT Series uses the latest PowerCacher technology developed by zhcsolar. The PowerCacher technology is based on the MPPT technology and is optimized.

Due to the use of MPPT technology, the performance of this controller is excellent, both in terms of charging conversion efficiency and performance.

The controller is specially designed for RV, Camper, and Marine solar systems, and is optimized in many aspects, such as housing design, fan heat, control system, and negative grounding design.

this controller has a optional Remote Display to help you easy control and monitoring the solar charge controller.

MC RV MPPT Solar Charge Controller 40A
MC RV MPPT Solar Charge Controller 40A

RV Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller

This RV Solar Battery Charger Controller is Special Design for RV & Marine & Vehicle & Boat Solar System like Camper Van Trailer and Golf Carts that equipped with a solar system. this Controller Support Dual Battery Charging (1 Main Battery & 1 RV Starting Battery), the 15 Amp Model can handle PV Array Input up to 165W, the 25 Amp Model can handle Maximum 350W PV Solar  Power Input, Capable Handle Standard 20 amp Current and Maximum 25 amp Current.

This Duo5025 MPPT RV Solar Charge Controller is Specially designed for RVs Solar System, support Dual Battery Charging with 2 Batteries Terminal on Controller, this controller supports various kinds of the battery such as Lead-Acid, AGM2, GEL, Lithium-ion, and LiFePO4 Battery. Maximum Input Power reaches to 350W.

This Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller work perfectly with a optional Remote Display for real time charge statics and controlling.

RV Dual Battery Solar Charger
RV Dual Battery Solar Charger

Solar Dual Battery Charge Controller MPPT 30A

The Solar Dual Battery Charge Controller features charge two batteries with single unit, even the two batteries are different battery types (lithium or lead acid) and different battery voltages(12V or 24V), it is able to set which battery is charged first.

The dual battery controller is a controller built with mppt technology, the MPPT ensures it has the best solar energy conversion rate, up to 95%.

The solar dual battery controller can support up to five(5) battery types, including lithium iron phosphate, lithium ternary batteries, lead-acid batteries, Gel batteries and AGM batteries, with switched dip you can choose which one to charge.

The dual battery charge controller is a 30A controller that automatically recognizes 12V or 24V, and can support up to 780W of solar panels in a 24V system. The maximum input voltage is 50V.

A remote display gives it the ability to remotely view system power generation and usage and control the solar charging system



A solar charge controller with remote display greatly facilitates the solar system owner to control and view the system in real time. Thanks to its easy access and remote display. You no longer need to go to obscure places to view and operate the charging system. Above are a few of our recommended controllers with optional remote display, you can choose the one you are satisfied with.

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