Why is My Solar Light Blinking? How to Stop?

Have you ever looked out your window and noticed that your solar light is flashing? It’s a common issue that many people face, but not to worry, it is fixable. In this blog post, we will delve into why your solar light might be blinking and what steps you can take to fix it. We […]

Why Did My Solar Attic Fan Stop Working?

Solar attic fans are a great investment to improve the ventilation of your home and workshop, reduce the strain on your air conditioning system, and save energy costs. However, like all machines, they can experience problems that need fixing. One common issue is when solar attic fans stop working altogether. In this blog post, we […]


How to Turn Off Solar Charge Controller?

If the solar charge controller is not working properly or has a malfunction, you will need to do a reboot or reset of your solar charge controller, all controllers can be operated in this way to work properly again. To turn off the solar charge controller, we have compiled several methods that can be implemented. […]

Why Do Wind Turbine Blades Wear Out?

The wind is the energy that sustains life on our planet. It is a constant reminder of the power of nature and its ability to affect our daily lives. Wind energy is a renewable energy source that requires minimal effort and can provide us with electricity. It has huge potential, as it is considered one […]

solar charge controller no display

Solar Charge Controller No Display? Fix Now

Has your Solar Charge Controller Display gone blank? Does the screen turn on momentarily only for it to turn off again? Don’t fret. Your Solar Charge Controller is a small but important device. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to make your solar power system run, or program your Load settings to your liking. So […]

solar light sensor not working

How to Fix a Solar Light Sensor

If you’re wondering how to repair a solar light sensor, you’ve come to the right place. It’s a common problem, but it’s one that can be tricky to solve. Sometimes the light sensor can stop working due to the age of the solar panel. These devices are prone to deterioration over time, and hitting or […]