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How to Fix a Solar Light Sensor

If you’re wondering how to repair a solar light sensor, you’ve come to the right place. It’s a common problem, but it’s one that can be tricky to solve. Sometimes the light sensor can stop working due to the age of the solar panel.

These devices are prone to deterioration over time, and hitting or knocking them can damage the mechanism. In such a case, it’s a good idea to take the device apart and replace it.

To clean a solar light sensor, you’ll first need to disassemble the device and unplug the battery.

To remove any dirt and debris, simply wipe the surface with a clean, damp cloth. Never use chemicals or soap, as these will only damage the sensor.

If the layer of debris is particularly thick, you may need to use a car light cleaning solvent. Once the cleaning process is complete, reassemble the light and test it in a dark room.

Another common problem with solar light sensors is that they get dirty. When the solar light sensor gets too dirty, it will have a harder time telling whether it’s day or night.

Eventually, the particles will build up on the sensor and prevent it from detecting the sun’s rays. This is a very easy way to repair a faulty solar light sensor.

So, it’s worth taking a moment to clean your solar light sensor.


How to Fix a Solar Light Sensor?

To repair a solar light sensor that no longer works or senses, you need to know how to find and troubleshoot the problem by eliminating it, finding the real fault, and then using the corresponding solution.

Sensor mode of solar light

  1. Body Sensor
  2. Light Sensor
  3. Touch Sensor
  4. Sound Sensor

Before troubleshooting, Make sure you understand the sensor mode of solar light you own and find the correspondent solutions.

Solar Light Sensor Trouble Shooting: Problem, Cause and Solutions

Provided below is a general list of common solar light sensor not working problems, and a few quick fixes that may help solve your dilemma.

Solar Light Sensor not Working Wrong line connection Reconnection
Too Close to Air Conditioner or Fans Move to distance place
Electromagnetic Radiation Affect Move to distance place
Wrong Angle adjust the angle
Sensing Wrong cover the sensor and remove the coverage to test
leakage of electricity Reconnection with New Cable
MISWIRE Reconnection
Unstable voltage Test the voltage and fix
Over Low or Over High Temperature Move to suitable working temperature spot
Over Low or Over High Temperature Move to suitable working temperature spot
Internal structure problem test and replace new solar light
Insensitive test and replace new solar light
Solar Light always on light switch problem repair the switch
Touch Sensor not Working Too Dry Wet your hand and touch again
Body Sensor not Working Infrared sensing Test and replace the infrared unit
Sound Sensor not Working Sound blocked Move to distance spot

Solar Light Sensor not Working Fixing:

if there is a leakage of electricity, you just need to find out the part of the leakage, and then reconnect it.

if the switch directly connect with firewire, the solution is also simple, reconnect the wire, never let the switch directly touched the fire wire.

the internal structure has problem, to check the voltage stability, we can use a multimeter to measure, if the voltage is unstable, or it is only a temporary issue, after fix the problem will not occur again.

if the problem caused by the quality of the product, within the warranty period, you can directly contacted with the manufacturer and ask for replacement.

How to choose Solar lights with Sensor

it is best to choose some name brands when buying sensor solar lights, the quality is guaranteed.

if you buy an infrared sensor light, it is best to choose with a probe, its sensitivity will be very high, and can better detected on the human body.

if it is used indoors, we can buy microwave induction lamp.

if it is used outdoors, you can buy LED sensor lights

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