How to Connect Battey Balancer?

Battery Balancer Connection & Wiring

A battery balancer is used to equalize the battery cells in a battery bank, keeping all the batteries at the same voltage level and improving overall performance, which is critical in a system where large batteries are grouped together.

The use of a battery balancer (24V, 48V, 96V to 192V) to turn unbalanced batteries into balanced batteries is a great way to maintain the capacity of the batteries.

In the event of damage, the balancer is usually beyond repair. Proper installation of a battery balancer becomes important.

We have put together this tutorial for ease of installation for new customers.

To easily install the balancer on your batteries, just follow the steps below.

Battery Balancer Wiring Instructions
Battery Balancer Wiring Instructions

Connecting the Battery Balancer

Connect the Balancer to the batteries in the following sequence:

1. Connect red cable to positive/+ pole. Connect black cable to negative (-) pole.

2. Connect the Batteries as shown. You can connect all + pole first and then – pole to avoid short circuit.

Installation Conditions

The Battery Equalizer must be installed on a well-ventilated vertical surface near the batteries (but NOT on top of the batteries due to possible corrosive gases!)

Parallel/Series Connection

In the case of a series/parallel connection, the mid-point connection cables are capable of handling the current that occurs when a battery is open-circuited.

– In the case of 2 parallel strings: cross section 50% of the series connection cables.

– In case of 3 parallel strings: cross section 33% of the series interconnection cables, etc.

Caution note

1. If there are extra cables, please leave the tubes of the terminals on them. This will prevent short circuits.
2. Please avoid touching any of the 16 terminals.

Wiring Diagram of Common Battery Balancers

HA01 24V Battery Balancer Wiring Diagram

24V Battery balancer Wiring

HA02 48V Battery Balancer Wiring Diagram

HA02 Balancer 48V wiring

HA03 96V Battery Balancer Wriring Diagram

HA03 96V Balancer Wiring DiagramHA03 96V Balancer Wiring Diagram
HA03 96V Balancer Wiring Diagram
ha03 96V Battery Balancer in Use
ha03 96V Battery Balancer in Use

Victron Battery Balancer Wiring Diagram

victron battery Equalizer Wiring Diagram
victron battery Equalizer Wiring Diagram

Any further question about battery equalization connection, please feel free to contact us.

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