Best RV Solar Charge Controller of 2023 Review

Best RV Solar Charge Controller of 2023 Review

RV Solar Charge Controller is a kind of charge controller specially designed for the vehicle solar power system. It is optimized according to the needs of the RV solar system. like the size, volume, function, heat dissipation, and ground.

To better satisfy the RV solar battery charge requirements, the RV solar Charge controller is usually a little different from a regular solar controller.

as the Boat Solar system has similar requirements as the RV system, this guide also applies to choose the boat charge controller.

In general, RV solar charge controller has the following features

  1. Compact Design
  2. Enhanced Cooling Design
  3. Negative Grounding
  4. Remote Monitor

Things to consider before install an RV Solar Charge controller:

  1. Negative Grounding
  2. Enhanced Cooling Method
  3. Remote Control & Monitor
  4. Dual Battery Charge Features

In simple words, all vehicles have a NEGATIVE ground system. so when you choosing the MPPT Solar Charge Controller for RV and Autos, Remember to Choose the Negative Grounding Charge Controller. Check this for more information about Negative ground and Positive ground.

Cooling is another thing should never forget since Solar charge controllers are usually mounted inside the passenger compartment of the RV and recessed in a wall cavity. While this installation looks good, it can sometimes be problematic if larger than the 30amp rating. Heat must be dissipated otherwise the charge controller will fail.

Controllers with good heat dissipation are ideal for selection, especially those with enhanced cooling fins or with the cooling fan inside.

Remote Monitor
A remote Monitor is a remote display device that connects to the solar controller to remotely control the working mode and read the working conditions. in the RV, the charge controller usually installed around the corner to save space, the remote monitor is an extra pay device.

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Best RV Solar Charge Controller of 2022

  • ZHCSolar MC Series RV Solar Charge Controller 30 Amp 40 Amp (MPPT Type)
  • Solar Dual Battery Charge Controller MPPT 30A (MPPT Type)
  • Dual Battery MPPT Solar Charge Controller for RV (MPPT Type)
  • Epever TracerAN MPPT Solar Charge Controller (MPPT Type)
  • SCF60 60A MPPT Charge Controller (MPPT Type)
  • RV Flush Mount Solar Charge Controller (PWM Type)
  • ESmart MPPT RV Solar Charge Controller (MPPT Type)
  • Epever Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller (PWM Type)
  • Economical Dual Battery RV Charge Controller (PWM Type)

1. MC RV MPPT Solar Charge Controller

This MC Series MPPT charge controller is specially designed for RVs and Marine Battery Charge purposes. it adopts the latest Power Catcher technology for efficient and reliable solar battery charging. the series has 20 Amp, 30 Amp, 40 Amp, and 50 Amp Model to choose from.

This new and improved ZHCSolar MPPT RV Charge Controller offers much more than a standard MPPT charge controller with Latest Power Catcher High Tech. the Controller is compatible with lithium-ion batteries, gel batteries, sealed batteries, open batteries. This highly efficient charge controller keeps the batteries from becoming overcharged or over-discharged. This protection feature increases the longevity of the battery bank.


2. Solar Dual Battery Charge Controller MPPT 30A

The Solar Dual Battery Charge Controller MPPT 30A features charge two batteries with single unit, even the two batteries are different battery types (lithium or lead acid) and different battery voltages(12V or 24V), it is able to set which battery is charged first.

The dual battery controller is a controller built with mppt technology, the MPPT ensures it has the best solar energy conversion rate, up to 95%.

The solar dual battery controller can support up to five(5) battery types, including lithium iron phosphate, lithium ternary batteries, lead-acid batteries, Gel batteries and AGM batteries, with switched dip you can choose which one to charge.

The dual battery charge controller is a 30A controller that automatically recognizes 12V or 24V, and can support up to 780W of solar panels in a 24V system. The maximum input voltage is 50V.

The controller is housed in an aluminum case, and with the installation of a fan, heat dissipation is very good, ensuring optimal performance when continuous energy processing work will heat up.


2. Dual Battery MPPT Solar Charge Controller for RV

This RV Solar Battery Charger Controller is Special Design for RV & Marine & Vehicle & Boat Solar System like Camper Van Trailer and Golf Carts that equipped with a solar system. this Controller Support Dual Battery Charging (1 Main Battery & 1 RV Starting Battery), the 15 Amp Model can handle PV Array Input up to 165W, the 25 Amp Model can handle Maximum 350W PV Solar Power Input, Capable Handle Standard 20 amp Current, and Maximum 25 amp Current.


3. EPever TracerAN MPPT Solar Charge Controller

TracerAN MPPT Charge Controller is considered as another unit which suits for RV Battery Charge Purposes, this series has a compact overall and has a negative ground design.

The Epever TracerAN MPPT Solar Charge Controller is equipped with an automatic system voltage recognition from 12 to 24V and an auto-saving configuration feature. It can also be linked to a PC software or an MT50 tracker for ongoing surveillance with the multi-function LCD display scheme to display data.

The Charge Controller operates with gel, sealed, and flooded battery type lithium and has a range of control modes, including manual, lighting, and light timer. Not only that, but also the controller comes complete with safety including over-voltage of battery, load overload, brief PV or back polarity, and more.


5. SCF60 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

This is a high-end 60 Amp MPPT solar charge controller that supports 12V 24V 36V 48V system voltage automatically identification and auto-switch. also supporting a wide solar voltage input range from 18-150V.

The SCF60 has a Negative Ground Design and Has Individual Fan Cooling Features Which is very suitable for RV Solar Battery Charge.

The controller’s MPPT conversion efficiency is up to 99%, and it is designed with fan cooling to ensure that the machine always has high power output, there is no load drop even at high temperature, and continues full power output for an all-day without derating. This controller has a wide application range and can be installed and used in multiple scenes.

This SCF60 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller Featured High tracking efficiency > 99.5% and Peak Conversion Rate > 97.8%. System Voltage 12V/24V/36V/48V Auto switch, Max PV Input Voltage:150V, Max PV Input Power: 900W(12V), 1800W(24V), 2600W(36V), 3400W(48V)

Support Various Battery Type: Sealed, Gel, AGM, Flooded, Lithium battery and User Defined Type, Lithium Battery is also Support by this Controller while Most controllers on the market don’t.

6. EPever RV Flush Mount Charge Controller Gomate

The GoMate is a negative-ground, flush mount charge controller, designed for an aesthetically clean and integrated look on RV and Marine Solar Power Systems. the gomate is released by Famous Energy Brand EPever.

This RV solar Charge Controller included a surface mount cover to suit personal preference. The GoMate adopts a highly efficient PWM charging mode, also comes equipped with a special LCD display to show the real-time operating status of the system.

This charge controller is fully controlled automatically, which provides a simple usage pattern to users.


7. ESmart MPPT Solar Charge Controller

This ESmart MPPT Solar Charge Controller has 40A and 60A Version, the MPPT Controller is the 3rd generation MPPT solar controller, on the basis of the 1st generation experience and customer feedback, we optimized the display, control mode, the mode of connection, and the internal structure, adopt MPPT control algorithm can quickly track the maximum power point of PV array, and improve the utilization of solar energy, LCD display and PC Control Design convenient user for view, record and set parameters, products can be widely used in the solar off-grid system of communication base station, household use System, RV System, street lamp system and field monitoring, etc.

This MPPT Charge Controller supports 48V 36V 24V 12V Auto and Handle Max 150V PV Input, supports Charge Lithium LiFePO Lead-acid Battery.


8. Dual Battery Solar Panel Charge Controller

This Dual Battery Solar Panel Charge Controller is Specially designed for RVs, Solar Golf Carts, Sightseeing cars, Campers, Boats, Caravans, etc that may equip with 2 batteries and have the requirements to charge both dual battery at the same time. these series have 10A, 20 Amp, 30 Amp modes for Choose.

The Duo Battery RV solar controller is designed for dual battery charging with 2 battery terminals, thus reducing the extra cost of a separate control system, the charge ratio of 2 battery is adjustable (0-100%), the battery type is optional (colloidal battery, sealed or open battery)


9. PWM Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller

This Dual Battery Solar Panel Charge Controller is Specially designed for RVs, solar golf carts, sightseeing cars, campers, boats, Caravans, etc that may equip with 2 batteries and have the requirements to charge both dual batteries at the same time. these series have 10A, 20 Amp, 30 Amp modes for Choose.

This LTD Dual Series is Economical RV Solar Charge Controller Released by ZHCSolar, a very high-cost effective model on the market.



When choosing the RV solar controller, we not only choose models, MPPT type or PWM type, price, quality, or features such as double batteries charge, lithium batteries charge, and another aspect is also considered, especially it must be a certain negative ground design, so as to select the best RV controller, in the above content, we selected the best RV solar charge controller on the market to you choose from.

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