150W Solar Attic Fan


Looking for a solar attic fan that’s reliable and easy to install? Look no further than our 150W Solar Attic Fan. This exhaust fan is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and features an aerodynamic simulation design that makes it perfect for ventilating, heat dissipating, or even cooling your home.

Plus, it’s free of electricity and zero carbon emissions, so you can feel good about using it.

Solar roof fan is built according to the law of physics “cold air sinks, hot air rises principle”, the application of aerodynamics and fluid dynamics simulation design, solar panel power,

With ultra-wide adaptive light change DC brushless frequency conversion motor, to achieve zero electricity cost of high efficiency negative pressure exhaust function,

can save thousands of dollars a year.

It can be used for plant cooling, heat dissipation, workshop smoke exhaust, dust removal, warehouse humidity control, dehumidification, home ventilation, ventilation, greenhouse breeding constant temperature and other purposes.v

The Solar Attic Fan is a versatile device that can be used for many different purposes. It can be used for ventilating and dust-exhausting, and more.

It can even be used in plant workshops, greenhouses, gazebo,breeding and planting sheds, and more!

solar powered ceiling fan
solar powered ceiling fan

Specifications of the 150W Solar Attic Fan

Diameter of cylinder: 520/550mm

Exhaust Air Volume: 5200-5500 m³/h

Solar Panel Wattage: 150W

Solar panel size: 860*1000mm/18.1*19.7 inches

Automatic temperature control/Shut Off: <25°C+/-5%/<77°F+/-9°F

Noise Level: ≤45dBA

Product Size: 565x565x260 mm/22.2×22.2×10.2 inches

Package Size: 575x575x275 mm/22.6×22.6×10.8 inches

Product Weight: 12.4kg/23.5 lbs

Gross Weight: 13.2kg/25.5 lbs

Solar Attic Fan Inside with Motor
Solar Attic Fan Inside with Motor

Solar Attic Fan Applications

solar attic fan application
solar attic fan application
solar ceiling fan applications
solar ceiling fan applications

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Weight 25 lbs


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