Solar Charge Controller Error Codes

An error code flash on your Solar Charge Controller indicates a problem has occurred. Here’s a reference list to help you determine what the problem is and what steps to take.

Some errors can be fixed by yourself with some simple troubleshooting. This will help you get your solar charge controller back up and running.

NOTE: The information provided is for most ZHCSolar pwm solar charge controllers.

Other mppt controllers may have different available charge settings and options.

Some models of solar charge controllers do not have a digital display, so when it’s time to display an error code, they will use a flashing led instead.

The combination of flashing LEDs identifies the code.

However, you should really only consider this an error code if the charge controller is not operating normally, since the LEDs may be flashing as part of normal use of the charge controller.

A simple fix, such as adjusting the charge voltage of your regulator or making sure the regulator is installed properly, is usually all that is needed to clear the error code.

Detailed error codes can be viewed using

Controller Screen, Remote Monitor, LED Indicator, App.

solar charge controller error codes

PWM Solar Charge Controller Error Codes List

Models: WP5048D 48V Solar Charge Controller for Lifepo4 Battery

The error code list applies to these products:

Most ZHCSolar PWM charge controllers

Fault Code Basics

E01 – Battery Low Voltage or Load off

E02 – DC load overload or Load off

E03 – Load short circuit or Load off

E04 – Battery Over voltage or Load off

E05 – Solar Panel Over Current, Controller stop working

Solar Charge Controller Error Codes e01

solar charge controller Error code E01 appears when the battery bank is at low voltage and the charge controller cannot charge it.

To correct this, first charge the battery bank using AC chargers or replace the battery with a new one.

E02 Error Code

The E02 error code appears when the DC Load is overload and stop running. decrease the load voltage and wait for seconds the load will relive.

E03 Error Code

The E03 error code appears when the DC Loads is short circuit. Remove the Loads first and replug, wait for seconds the load will relive.

E04 Error Code

The E04 error code appears when the battery is overcharged, if the battery cannot bear the heavy input voltage, it may stop working or get destroyed, first check the wiring, make sure is not caused by wrong connection, then check the battery capacity.

If the battery capacity is too small for the current system, change to a new battery. the third reason is it may be connected with another charger, if so, remove another charger. and reset the solar charge controller to work again.

E05 Error Code

The E05 error Code appears when the Solar Panel is Overcurrent, overcurrent means the PV send over current to the charge controller and make it stop working, to solve it please make sure the solar panel hooked doesn’t over the rated range. remove some panels and the charge controller can start working again.

solar charge controller error codes (2)
solar charge controller error codes (2)

MPPT Solar Charge Controller Error Codes

mppt solar charge controller e01

Solar Charge Controller E01 in the MPPT Solar Charge Controller indicates the same as a PWM controller, which is the battery in low voltage.

MPPT Error Codes e02

like e01 on solar controller, e02 is another common fault code, The error message is also point to the load, reconnect or replace the load to fix it.

Final Thoughts

The solar charge controller will display an error code if there is a problem. The solar charge controller error codes are not always the same.

For example, the controller may display an error code when the solar power it is receiving is insufficient to start charging the batteries.

This is usually the case when the battery bank is partially discharged. To reset the controller, you must reconnect all of its wires and make sure it hasn’t been bypassed.

A few causes of this error code include reverse polarity, obstructions near the heat sink, or a faulty charger. The first is probably the most obvious – the regulator itself is faulty.

If this is the cause, you will need to contact a solar charging company or battery charger repair company. If your solar charge controller isn’t working, check out the troubleshooting guide here.

Another common cause is a problem with the PV array. The solar panel error codes will tell you to disconnect and reconnect the panels to restart the charging process.

If the error message persists, you may need to manually reconnect the batteries.

If this does not work, the controller may be faulty. In this case, disconnect all power sources from the charger, wait three minutes, and then reconnect.

If this doesn’t work, you may need to replace the solar charge regulator.

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