Inverters for Home Solar Power Systems

A solar power inverter is an essential component of any solar system. It transforms a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel’s variable direct current (DC) output into an alternating 240V current (AC). The circuit’s various electrical and electronic components assist in the conversion. This AC output can then be used to power home appliances like the refrigerator, microwave, TV, etc. Electricity not being used in the home is either fed into the grid (electrical power lines) or stored into the home battery storage. Generally, power from a solar power system is used to power AC loads.

Types of Solar Inverters

Solar inverters are divided into three categories:

Off-Grid Inverters

Off-grid inverters are often used in remote systems where a battery panel provides DC power to the solar inverter. Solar panels are used to charge this battery panel. Several of these inverters have simple battery chargers that can be used to charge the battery from an AC source.

Battery Backup Inverters

These special inverters are specifically designed to draw power from a battery. Using an onboard charger, the battery’s charge is maintained, and extra energy is transmitted to the grid. These inverters can provide AC power to specific loads in the event of a power failure. They have an anti-islanding function as well.

Grid-Tie Inverters

The term “grid-tie inverter” refers to an inverter that is connected to the grid. By corresponding phase and frequency, these inverters feed power into the electricity grid. These inverters are programmed to shut down automatically if they detect a lack of power from the utility.

Solar Water Pump Inverters

Solar Pump Inverter aka solar-powered pump inverter is designed to drive the power directly from the panel to the solar pump to lift water without AC Power.

Inverters for Home Solar Power Systems

1. Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter DC 12V, 24V, 48V to AC 110V, 220V with digital display

The Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter generates a high-quality AC voltage waveform with low total harmonic distortion (THD), identical to that provided by the local power company. It is equipped with a NEMA connection type and used when clean sine wave outputs are needed to operate sensitive devices such as stereos, copiers, printers, and electronic equipment. It provides 25000W continuous output power. Furthermore, it is also equipped with an LED alarm and auto-recovery function. 

Pure Sine Wave Inverter (SWIPOWER)
Pure Sine Wave Inverter (SWIPOWER)

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2. EPever Ipower Inverter

It is a Pure Sine Wave inverter that converts 12/24V direct current (DC) to 110/120V alternating current (AC) and 220/230V AC for applications in off-grid solar power systems in vehicles (RVs) and homes. It has a clear design, a small footprint, high reliability, high performance, ease of installation, and simple operation. The EPever pure sine inverter is suitable for emergency lighting systems in RVs, vehicles, homes, and boats, as well as small-scale solar power systems. The NEMA connections ensure protection and compliance to standards. 

epever inverter
epever inverter

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3. Hybrid Solar Inverter Charger

Hybrid Solar Inverter is a multi-function inverter and charger that combines PWM solar charger, inverter, and battery charger functions to provide uninterruptible power assistance. User-configurable and easily accessible button operations, such as battery charging current, are available on the device’s detailed LCD monitor. It is ideally used for AC/Solar chargers as a suitable input voltage for various applications. It is a Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter with a PWM Solar Charge Controller for use in the home and on vehicles.

hybrid solar inverter
hybrid solar inverter

4. HF4000 Inverter Charger

The HF4000 inverter charger combines an inverter, a battery charger, and a transfer switch into a single unit. The hybrid inverter/charger recharges the house batteries when AC power is available. Any excess AC power can also move through and power downstream AC loads like a television or microwave oven. When the AC power is turned off, the unit converts DC battery power to AC power.

HF4000 Inverter Charger
HF4000 Inverter Charger

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5. Solar Pump Inverter

Solar Pump Inverter helps you lift water with solar-powered water pump directly with the power from solar panels, no need grid electricity anymore. zhcsolar offers a solar pump inverter from 0.75kw to 2.2kw.

solar pump inverter

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