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About RV Solar Panel Kits

After a long-term of an RV camping life, many campers have faced a common problem, shortage of electricity supplies. yes. cause in 21 century, when we travel by an RV or campervan, the car will also carry a lot of electronic equipment In the way to solve this problem. more and more RV suppliers are now incorporating solar power system into an optional car purchase. This article is writing to help the customer to understand how many solar panels they need, how to choose a right RV solar battery charger and also the guide to install a proper battery system.

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many RV campers will install a group solar panels after they have a new RV. installing the solar panels is not a difficult task, but how many power they need, how many panels need to installed always confused the novice.

Why RV Solar Systems Important?

According to market research, most of the current RV models have deployed solar panel systems. from a practical point of view, it is a good choice to install a solar panel on the RV, using clean solar energy to generate electricity to replenish the RV Batteries is An investment with a very high ROI. If you use your car for a long time and travel outside, solar power for RV is even more important. some kind of must-have.

rv solar panels rv solar panels

How to choose right RV solar panel kits?

How to Choose right Camping Solar Panels?

1. before Install solar modules, you must do some calculation. first, you need understand how many watts of solar modules you need, that based on how many electricity is needed for your daily use, and then you also need to calculate how many batteries you need based on how many days is planned for traveling. Then, do not forget to calculate the install roof area needed to install all the solar panels. the last, check whether the design is reasonable, and to see if changes are needed.

Many Campers don’t know how many solar panels they need to install. In fact, the answer to this question depends entirely on their own electricity requirements. The following list can cover the most situation that most RVs need in a real Motorhome life. You can choose the right power solar panels according to the electric equipment requires in the following table.

Rv solar panels
how to choose Rv solar panels

2, for the installation of solar modules, 2 points to be aware, first cannot step on the panels, second, make sure the installed panels not covered by shadow.

Let us take the most common RV in the market as an example: a normal RV length is 6 meters, width 2 meters. calculate it, the overall RV roof area is about 6 × 2 = 12 (square meters), except for the forehead area, air conditioning, outdoor unit, overhead sunroof, and satellite TV antenna, then the roofs only lefts about 5 square meters of usable area. from a real C7 RV, we can find that it can install 6 panels without being shadowed by other equipment. The panel power is within the 300W-400W range. It can ensure the normal supply of lighting equipment and other small appliances in the car.

There are a lot of panels on the market can choose from, and the price of each panel is quite different. Panels type makes the most differences. a size 1200×540×30 (mm) 100W polycrystalline silicon solar panel on Amazon ask for $400. if you want to install the RV solar systems yourself, you can choose to buy online. If you buy better flexible solar panels, the price may be higher, but efficiency is also relatively higher.

Solar battery charger and solar panels installation

solar panels system must have a solar battery charger installed, with a charger controller, it can prevent over-charge to the battery. If you stop a car for a few days in somewhere, then sunlight is at its top power these days. If you there is no charge controller to control the charge, then the solar systems will keep charge the battery until burning the battery packs. Overcharging means that your battery has a high possibility of being scrapped early.

Most of American’s regions are in the northern hemisphere of the Earth. When installing the solar panels, the panels should preferably set a certain angle with the roof, which makes it easier to absorb sunlight. It is measured by the expert that the tiled solar panels are getting power less than the angled installation panels.

RV Solar Charge Controller

RV Solar Charge Controller is a kind Solar Charge Controller specially optimized for RV Solar Power System like the size, cooling and ground design.

Check this Complete Guide for RV Solar Charge Controller

How to Sizing RV Solar Charge Controller

Generally, The RV battery is 12 Volt, with a 12V Solar Charge Controller, the Solar Power System can quickly charge the car battery. it’s easy to size the solar charge controller for RV, For example, when using a 200W system, select 20A controller, 400W system, choose 40 Amp controller. The basic formula to Sizing a Charge Controller is ” Watts / Volts = Amps”, Which is RV solar Panels Power divided by the voltage of the RV battery system, and the amps are the value to rating the solar controller.

How RV Solar Panels Work

the Solar system absorbs sunlight through solar panel cells laid on the roof and then converts them into alternating currents (AC) through inverters. The output voltage of solar energy is generally 12V, 24V and 48V.In order to supply the power for 115V appliances, the DC power generated by the solar power system needs to be converted into AC power through the inverter.

In some cases, when multiple voltage loads required, you also need a DC-DC inverter, converts electrical energy 24V to 5V. 5V Enegery is used for most mobile devices like Mobile phones, shavers, electric toothbrushes, and Tablets. The converted electrical energy can be used directly or stored in a battery for emergency use.

rv solar panels rv solar panels

How Many Power can be outputted by RV Solar Systems?

The calculation method is as follows: if the rated solar panel power is 400W, under the standard sunlight condition and presume the battery banks is empty, theoretically, the output capacity per hour is 400W÷18V×12V×1h=0.267kW·h, if calculated with average daily sunlight of 6 hours. Then 0.267 kW·h×6=1.602 kW·h, which is about 1.6 kWh.

According to the calculation, we can see that, theoretically, a group of 400W solar panels can generate 1.6 kWh of electricity a day. If the sunlight intensity and the loss of electric energy are included, with a normal PWM RV solar battery charger the charging efficiency is about 70%, The actual amount of charge in one day is 1.6×.0.7=1.12 kWh, then which 1.12 kWh.

What 1.12 kWh Solar Power for RV Means

A 6 Meters RV, the total lighting is calculated as 100W, and with an 80W refrigerator, 80W LCD TV, 30W laptop and mobile phone, then the total power is about 300W, which means when all these electric appliances work together. the power Can maintain 1.6 ÷ 0.3 = 5.3 hours running. Now everyone should understand, why the professionals recommend you choose between 300-400W of Camping Solar Panels.

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Best RV solar battery charger on the market

ZHCSolar’s Duo Battery MPPT Solar Charge Controller is recommended as the best part of RV solar panel kits on the market.

the Series RV Solar Battery Charger is Special Design for RV & Vehicle & Boat Solar System like Camper Van Trailer and Golf Carts that equipped with a solar system. this Controller Support Dual Battery Charging (1 Main Battery & 1 RV Starting Battery), the 25 Amp Model can handle Maximum 350W Solar Power Input, Capable Handle Standard 20 amp Current and Maximum 25 amp Current.

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