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Who is EPever

EPever (also known as epsolar) was the Brand Name Hold by Beijing Epsolar Technology Co., Ltd. the company was established in March 2007 with more than 30 million RMB registered capital. it a renowned new and high-tech enterprise which was specialized in power products researching, manufacturing, and marketing.

EPever provides products including solar charge controllers, off-grid inverter, LED driver and special power units etc., as well as design and supply relevant solar application systems. The company has passed the ISO9001: 2008, and products have passed CGC-SOLAR, CE, ROSH, FCC, and ETL certificate, as well as other domestic and international authoritative certification and a number of patents. The products have been extensively applied and highly appraised in a number of major projects at home and abroad. And sell in more than 120 foreign countries and regions.

EPever MPPT Solar Charge Controller

EPever MPPT Solar Charge Controller includes the famous Tracer Series, the TracerA Series Now Upgrade to TracerAN series, in most review guides in internet, the Traceran series are rated to be the No.1 MPPT Charge Controller the customer should buy.

Where EPever Located

The EPever’s Beijing Headquarter was located at BLDG#18, CO.PARK, NO.8HEYING ROAD, CHANGPING DISTRICT, BEIJING, CHINA

and according to the information, there are over 28 official distributors and branches all around the world and in main countries. is easy to find the nearest one by check on the official website.

What’s EPever Product

Solar Charge Controller include Solar Universal Controller, Solar Streetlight Controller and Solar Power Station Controller

Off-Grid Inverter include High-Frequency Sine Wave Inverter and High-Frequency Sine Wave Inverter

Inverter Charger as Inverter Charger 2 in 1

Accessories for Extra Function like wifi ebox 01,Bluetooth ebox 01,MT50 Meter,eLog01 Logger, CC USB Cable, Temperature Senser

EPever MPPT Solar Charge Controller

EPever Tracer A Series

Tracer A Series was first released in 2012 and stop production at beginning of 2018. the tracer A mppt solar controller is a true mppt solar controller and features 98% efficiency.

TracerA mppt Controller include Tracer 2210A 20 Amp MPPT Solar Charge Controller, Tracer 3210A 30 Amp Solar Charge Controller, Tracer 4210A 40 Amp MPPT Solar Charge Controller.

The TracrA MPPT Controller is a Common Postive Design Controller, Support 12V 24V Solar System and Charge Gel, Sealed, Flooded, Lead Acid Batteries.


Comparison Sheet of TracerA MPPT Controller
TracerA MPPT Controller Parameters Comparison
TracerA MPPT Controller Parameters Comparison
EPever Tracer AN MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Tracer AN MPPT Solar charge controller was an upgrade version of Tracer A series, which adds some function based on the tracer series.

Tracer AN New Added Features: 1. Blacklight Display 2.Common Negative Ground 3. Compatible with lithium-ion Batteries

the TracerAN MPPT Solar Controller Now Have 10A – 40A Normal Controller and 50A – 100A Heavy Charge Controller. the 10A – 40A type is like Tracer A series only support 12V 24V solar systems.

The Tracer AN 50A – 100A Mode has Tracer5210AN, Tracer6210AN, Tracer5415AN, Tracer6415AN, Tracer8415AN, Tracer10415AN, Tracer5420AN, Tracer6420AN, Tracer10420AN, Range from 50 Amp Solar Controller to 100 Amp Solar Controller. Maximum PV Input 200V and Can handle 2000W Solar Panels input of 100 Amp Controller.

Comparison Sheet of TracerAN MPPT Controller
80A MPPT Solar Charge Controller
EPever 80A MPPT Solar Charge Controller Parameter
EPever 80a 100 amp mppt solar charge controller specificationEPever 80a 100 amp mppt solar charge controller specification
EPever 80a 100 amp mppt solar charge controller specification
80 a 100 amp solar charge controller diagram
EPever 80a 100 amp MPPT Solar Charge Controller Parameters
EPever PWM Solar Charge Controller

EPever Solar Controller Accessories

EPever MT50 Meter

The new generation remote MT50 meter is compatible with Epever’s new MPPT Tracer MPPPT solar charge controller. It can monitor real-time data and status, remotely control load ON/OFF, browse and modify the control parameter, charge mode, load work mode, and fetch failure information etc

EPever Wifi ebox01

Realize wireless monitoring function of solar controller and inverter, Support mobile phone APP, plug and play, simple and convenient to set, No Need External Network Support.

EPever Bluetooth

Realize wireless monitoring function of solar controller and inverter, Support mobile phone APP, plug and play, simple and convenient to set

Where to Buy EPever Products

Epever’s products are available in Most b2c platforms and distributors site, such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Aliexpress, ZHCSolar.

EPever User Manual Download

ZHCSolar Provides the most User manual and APP for Download of EPever’s MPPT Solar Charge Controller,Pwm solar Charge controller and inverters at Download Center

How Customer Talks about EPever

How to Contact with EPever

You can call EPever by Phone Number 0086-10-82894112 or Fax them at 0086-10-82894882, Writing Email also a great choice, the address is info@epsolarpv.com,marketing@epsolarpv.com and support@epsolarpv.com

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