Battery Balancer Hook-Up & Wiring

As battery balancer has played a vital role in the battery bank system.  Use a Battery Balancer (24V,48V,96V) to turn imbalanced batteries into equalizing batteries is a great way to maintain the capacity of batteries, and usually, the balancer cannot be repaired if damage occurred, the right way to install a battery balancer becomes quite important, that’s why we released this tutorial to help new customers to connect the system in the simplest way. just comply with the following  steps to install the balancer to your batteries with ease

connect battery balancer
how to connect battery balancer

Quick Summary to Connect the battery equalizer

Connect balancer to batteries as the following order:
1. Red cable connect positive/+ pole. Black cable connect negative/- pole.

2. Connect the batteries as the pictures. You can connect all + pole firstly, and then – pole to avoid short circuits.

Installation requirements to right equalizing imbalanced batteries

The Battery Equalizer must be installed on a well-ventilated vertical surface close to the batteries (but, due to possible corrosive gasses, NOT on the batteries!)

The parallel or Series Balancers Connection

In the case of Series / Parallel connection, the midpoint interconnecting cables must be sized to at least carry the current that arises when one battery becomes open-circuited.

– In the case of 2 parallel strings: cross section 50% of the series interconnecting cables.

– In the case of 3 parallel strings: cross section 33% of the series interconnecting cables, etc.


1. If there are extra cables, please leave the tubes of the terminals on it to avoid short circuits.

2. Please avoid any of the 16 terminals touching each other.

Steps by Step Connect the Equalizers:

HA01 24V Battery Balancer Wiring Diagram

battery balancer ha01 connection

Connect the HA02 48V Battery Balancer

battery balancer ha02 connection

Connect the HA03 96V Battery Balancer

battery balancer ha03 connection

Any further question about equalizing batteries connection, please fee feel to contact us.

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