Wind Turbine Troubleshooting and Fix

If you own a wind turbine, you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint and power your home. Getting your wind turbine to work optimally, however, can be challenging. In this blog post, we’ll cover troubleshooting wind turbine issues and how to do it yourself or get professional help.

We will cover the benefits of having a wind turbine, as well as common symptoms that could mean a problem. We’ll also tell you what to do if you encounter any trouble with your wind generator.

Identifying Common Issues

Wind turbine generators require regular maintenance to prevent failures and costly losses in revenue. It is vital to check the wind turbine instrumentation for logical issues, as well as perform corrective action if any is required.

In addition, wind turbine generators should be inspected at predetermined intervals to ensure that they are functioning properly and safely.

This includes checking the blades for wear and damage, ensuring proper tracking, and examining the generator for any issues.

Minor repairs such as grease, oil, and filter changes can help with wind turbine maintenance.

Staying connected to wind power knowledge is vital when it comes to wind turbine troubleshooting. Whether you’re troubleshooting a minor issue or a major problem, it’s important to have a solid understanding of how wind turbines work and how they are maintained.

How to diagnose wind turbine problems

When troubleshooting a wind turbine issue, start by checking the power output. This can be done by connecting the turbine to a wind turbine inverter or using a watt meter.

If power is being produced, but there appears to be something wrong with the system, continue with diagnostic steps below:

Check that all blades are in proper position and tracking (look for bent blades or missing ones).

Ensure that generator is properly lubricated and functioning correctly (e.g., clean oil leaks from bearings).

Verify voltage at each electrical connector across the system; if there are any issues, repairs should be done.

Check for any missing or broken components (e.g., stator windings).

Wind turbine troubleshooting can be a complex process. To troubleshoot wind turbine issues, you must understand the system level and the logic troubleshooting approach. .

How to fix common problems with a wind turbine

Common Wind Turbine Failure and Fix

Failures Causes Fix
No Output Cable Disconnection, Wrong Discharging Settings Fix Wiring and Controller setting
Turbines Shake Part Loose, Unstable foundation Tighten the loose parts, Replace the blade, Reinstall
Blade Rotation Slow Stuck Bearings Lubricate or Replace the bearings
Speed and direction control does not work No greasing, Debris stuck remove debris, lubrication
Turbine Make Noise Bearings Failure lubrication, Replace Bearings
Turbine Swings and Clicks Deflector cover are loose, Bearings Stuck Fasten Loosen Part, Grease Bearings, Replace Bearings

What to do if you encounter a wind turbine problem

If you encounter a wind turbine problem, it’s vital to check the circuit connection from the turbine to the batteries. This includes the length of cable connected and the type of connection. You should also inspect easily accessible components, such as the electronics, breaker box, and utility disconnect switch, for any current issues.

If you find an issue, you should implement a preventative maintenance program to increase the lifespan of your wind turbine.

To monitor for external wind turbine failures, such as bird strikes, lightning strikes, rainfall, blade furniture detachment, and delamination, you should monitor your wind farm’s performance closely. Promptly repair any components that are malfunctioning to prevent a significant loss of revenue.

What to do if a wind turbine is not working properly

  • If you own a wind turbine, it’s important to understand how it works and how to troubleshoot any issues with it. When a wind turbine is not working as expected, there are a few steps you can take to identify and fix the issue.
  • Check the governor, gearbox bearing, rotor bearing, brake pads and pitch bearing for signs of damage or malfunction.
  • Monitor the wind speed and direction to ensure that the yaw system is able to rotate the turbine correctly.
  • Inspect the cooling system, voltage irregularities and general maintenance of the wind turbine. If there are issues with these components, they could cause the wind turbine to overheat or stop working altogether.
  • Establish a preventative maintenance program to address any issues before they become costly repairs.

What to do if the blades are not turning

When the blades of wind turbines aren’t turning, it is critical to check the governor and the tension (pressure) of the blades. It is also important to make sure the generator bearing and gearbox bearing are not damaged and replace if necessary.

What to do if the turbine is making too much noise

If the turbine is making too much noise, it might be due to a damaged generator or gearbox. If this is the case, you will need to replace both components.

Benefits of Professional Assistance

Wind Turbine Technicians help reduce the amount of downtime due to maintenance and repairs by providing needed service and repair for wind turbines. They are trained to troubleshoot and repair wind turbine systems as well as to commission them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common wind turbine failures?

One of the most common wind turbine failures is blade failure. Other common wind turbine failures include: gearbox, bearing, nacelle (tower), generator, and power output.

What is the main problem with wind turbines?

The main difficulty with wind turbines is that they are very susceptible to failures. These failures can lead to expensive losses in revenue, as well as injuries and even fatalities.

Why is my wind turbine not generating?

There are a number of things that could cause your wind turbine not to generate energy. Some common issues include: low wind speeds, defective components, defective charge controller, defective transmission and damaged blades.

What are the two main complaints about wind turbines?

The two main complaints about wind turbines are noise and energy production.

What are the most common failures for wind turbine?

The most common failures for wind turbines are blade failure, gearbox failure, generator motor failure, and transmission belt/pulley.

Why is my wind turbine not spinning?

There are a number of things that could cause your wind turbine not to spin. Some common problems include: low wind speeds, defective components, defective charge controller, and damaged blades.

What are the maintenance issues with wind turbines?

Maintenance issues with wind turbines include: blade replacement, gearbox and generator lubrication, nacelle tower inspection and repair, wind charge controller setting and power output testing.

What parts of a wind turbine fail the most?

Maintenance issues with wind turbines include: blade root replacement, gearbox and generator replacements, nacelle (tower) repairs and inverter failures.

What are some common problems that can occur with wind turbines?

Some common concerns that can occur with wind turbines include excessive vibration, ineffective yaw systems, external wind turbine failures, damage to the blades caused by bird strikes or lightning strikes, wind turbine syndrome, and internal wind turbine failures.

How can I identify the cause of a problem with my wind turbine?

The most common issue with wind turbines is a broken circuit. This can be caused by many factors like external failure, bird strikes, lightning strikes, and corrosion.

To diagnose the concern, you’ll need to check for visual arcing at the electronics or j-boxes, input current from the turbine, components for external failure, broken circuits, friction between generator rotor and stator, and damaged gearbox bearings.

How can I troubleshoot and fix the problem?

The first step in troubleshooting a power issue is gathering as much information as possible. This includes recent weather conditions, power flickers or outages, and any unusual sounds from the turbine.

Next, check any circuit breakers for the electronics.

Finally, use computer-based fault insertion across all key subsystems to insert faults and track troubleshooting results.


Wind turbines can be a source of renewable energy if they are functional and producing power efficiently.

However, they can malfunction for various reasons. If you notice that your wind turbine is not functioning properly, it is best to consult with an expert to troubleshoot the difficulty and resolve it quickly.

By following the troubleshooting steps mentioned above, you can learn how to fix common wind turbine issues. Knowing what to do in the event of any mishap helps minimize any potential damage or loss of production.

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