Wind Turbine MPPT Charge Controller


This all-new Wind Turbine MPPT Charge Controller 24V 12V Auto allows you to always have perfect control over your Wind Power system from wherever you are and maximizes its performance. The MPPT Technology enables the harvest of the most power from the wind generator.

This wind charge controller can handle 400W, 500W, to 600W wind turbine power input. It auto detects the battery voltage, whether 24V or 12V, and switches to the best charge voltage.

It adopts PWM soft dump load to realize the best performance.

The Wind Turbine MPPT Charge Controller has a built-in boost function, which solves the problem of small wind turbines not charging under low wind speeds.

Wind Turbine MPPT Charge Controller Feature:

1. High-quality components guarantee its stability and reliability

2. Complete electrical protection features that make the system more reliable.

3. Anti-water,anti-dust shell make it applicable in various outdoor environments

4. Voltage/current control charging make sure storage batteries are always in the best state of charge

5. Using two kinds of protection methods, tachometer pulse, and overvoltage control

6. Can switch power mode, wind power generation priority, if necessary, can be connected to the national grid

7. Aluminum alloy overall design, small size with good heat dissipation.


Battery Voltage 24V 12V
System Power 400W 500W 600W
Maximum wind-generator power 800W
Wind-generator rated current 20A
Maximum current output 25A
Waterproof IP67
Indicator LED


Package included:

1 x Wind Turbine MPPT Charge Controller

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs


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