Wind Turbine Micro Inverter 600W


The grid tie wind turbine micro inverter can directly convert wind energy from wind turbines into electricity and deliver it to the grid without additional equipment. 

The grid tie inverter’s output frequency, voltage, phase, and output waveform (pure sine wave) align with the grid.

This wind turbine micro inverter is designed for wind turbines, and it maintains the wind turbine rotating speed and the wind turbine voltage within the rated range at all times. 

When the wind is too strong, and the output voltage of the wind turbine exceeds the rated operating voltage, the inverter will activate the load unloading control system to release the electrical energy through the unloading resistor, thus controlling the wind turbine speed, so it is very safe to use.

This advanced wind turbine grid tie inverter allows you to build a grid tie wind turbine power system without a wind turbine controller, just a wind turbine and a micro-inverter, saving the cost of a wind turbine controller.

You can connect the wind turbine directly if the three-phase AC input is 22V-60V or 10.8V-30V.

For 24V and 48V AC wind turbines, you can choose a 22-60V or 45-90V inverter; for a 12V AC wind turbine, you can select a 10.8-30V AC inverter.

The inverter is equipped with an unloading resistor, which can be activated when the generator output power exceeds the inverter’s rated capacity or when the power grid is disconnected, thus avoiding damage to the wind turbine when it is idling.

Wind turbine Inverters can be stacked, such as a 500W wind turbine can choose two 250W inverters mounted in parallel (as shown in the following figure)

Wind Turbine Micro Inverter 600W 3 phase

Wind Turbine Micro Inverter 600W Specifications:

Rated Power: 540W

Max Power: 600W

AC Output Range: 230V (190V ~ 260V),115V (90V ~ 130V)

AC Output Frequency: 46Hz ~ 65Hz

THD: <5%

Power factor: 0.99

DC Input Range: 10.8~30V 、22V ~ 60V

Conversion Rate: 92%

Idle: <1W

Output waveform: Pure Sine Wave


Over Current Protection: Yes

Over-Temp Protection: Yes

Reverse Power Protection: Yes

islanding protection: Yes

Stackable: Yes

Net Weight: 5.0Kg/11lbs

Gross Weight: 5.5Kg/12lbs

Dimension: 355mm*275mm*123mm

Wind Turbine Micro Inverter dump load
Wind Turbine Micro Inverter dump load

Wind Turbine Inverter Wiring:

Wind Turbine Micro Inverter 600W wiring diagram

There are five terminals on the right. Three red terminals are directly connected to the output end of the AC wind turbine, and two black terminals are connected to the unloading resistance.

Additional information


22-60V AC to 190-260V AC, 22-60V AC to 90-130V AC, 10.8-30V AC to 190-260V AC, 10.8-30V AC to 90-130V AC


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