What Size Charge Controller for 800W Solar Panel

What Size Charge Controller for 800w Solar Panel?

In this article, we will discuss how to size a charge controller for your 800W solar panel. In order to select the right size of charge controller, you should first know what an 800W solar panel is and how many energy it can produce. Moreover, we will explain the calculation method for choosing solar charge controllers. So, keep reading! Listed below are the steps to sizing a charge controller for an 800W solar panel.

Long story short, the prefer Charge Controller for 800w Solar Panel is 40A is the battery system is 24V and if the battery is 48V it requires a 20A Solar Charge Controller.

How to size charge controller

In order to properly size a charge controller, you should first determine the maximum solar panel output and the battery volt. Then, use a charge controller calculator to figure out the correct sizing. The more panels you plan to install, the bigger the controller should be. Make sure that the charge controller is rated for at least eight-ten amps. Alternatively, consult a solar Professional.

The principle of choosing a controller size is to match the ratio of the wattage output of your solar panels to the battery bank voltage.

The best way to properly size a charge controller for an 800-watt solar panel is to choose the appropriate voltage base on the requirements. The charge controller’s voltage range is 18 to 150 volts. Choosing the wrong voltage may damage the controller. Luckily, charge controller manufacturers offer sizing tools. These tools are especially useful if you’re unsure of what voltage you need or are in the middle of building your solar energy system.

Solar charge controller size calculation

There are some ways to point out the right size of charge controllers, The best one to choose depends on the number of solar panels and batteries. They are sized by amperage, and are able to handle the input voltage of solar panels while transferring power efficiently. The amount of amperage required for a solar array depends on the amount of sunlight you receive each day and the time of year. To account for environmental factors, the amperage of the solar array is increased by 25%.

for instance, You should also know that the maximum output current of the some solar panel array is 30A. For a 30A output, the solar charge controller must be able to handle at least that much current. In addition, a safety factor of 25% should be added for this reason. If your solar panel array does not exceed thirty amps, then the PWM charge controller size should be 37.5A. In addition to amperage, the voltage should also be calculated.

What is a 800W solar panel

A 800W solar panel produces an output of 800 watts of electricity,This kind of solar panel can generate 330-400 ah per day. You might even use this energy for your home appliances. However, if you don’t have a sufficient amount of battery capacity, you may be wasting your energy.

Most 800W solar panels will produce up to 740 watts of electricity per hour in peak sun hours. This works out to approximately 37 volts and 21 amps. The charge controller regulates both volts and amps to match the required voltage of the battery.

How many amps 800w solar panel produce

An 800w solar panel can produce an average of eight amps per hour under peak sunlight. The voltage output will be measured with a multimeter at the open end of the panels’ wires. When two or more panels are connected in series, the open circuit voltage is the sum of the voltages of the first and second panels. The open circuit voltage will be at its highest during midday, when the sun is rapidly rising.

The 800 watt solar panel setup will produce about 330-400 amps per day, depending on the temperature, the battery bank size, and the number of solar panels in the system. For example, an 800W solar panel setup should have a battery bank with a capacity of at least 400ah. However, if you’re aiming for a more efficient system, you can install a solar inverter. The controller is a necessary piece of equipment for 800 watt solar panels.

What Size Charge Controller for 800w Solar Panel?

In order to calculate the size of the controller, use the following formula.

800W/12V=66A+ additional 25%, you will need a 70A Charge Controller in theory. no much people doing so.

800W/24V=33+additional 25%, A 40A Solar Charge Controller is a prefect option.

800W/48V=16+additional 25%, you may take a 20A Solar Charge Controller for that.

In our experience, an MPPT controller is always preferred.

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