The Technology of PWM Solar Charge Controller

With the growing number of residential, commercial and even industrial industries going solar these days, solar systems have become even more popular than ever before. With this, the technology for solar photovoltaic batter charge controllers has continued to evolve over the years. The most innovative technology is the PWM charging, which has become highly popular.

Charging a solar system’s battery is a daunting and unique challenge. Before, there were on-off regulations used in order to limit battery outgassing once a solar panel generated excess energy. However, as solar systems developed, it became even clearer how much such devices interfered with the process of charging. With this challenge, PWM solar charge controller has become the solution.

What is PWM Solar Charge Controller and Its Incredible Benefits?

Pulse Width Modulation is the most effective way to attain constant voltage battery charging by switching the power devices of solar system controller. This new and innovative method of solar batter charging provides some of the impressive benefits of pulse width modulation pulsing, which include:

  • Increase the battery’s charge acceptance dramatically
  • Ability to maintain high average battery capacity compared to the on-off regulated state-of-charge levels, which are typically fifty-five to sixty percent.
  • Adjust automatically for battery aging
  • Reduce heating and gassing of battery

In addition to these benefits, the use of innovative PWM Solar Charge Controller over the old technology means reducing the solar system’s cost and the battery disposal issues. It also increases the solar system’s reliability and reduces load disconnects. It also provides the opportunity to reduce the size of battery in order to lower the cost of the system.

If you need more power whenever you it for less money, this product is the right one to consider. It will help you obtain twenty to thirty percent more energy from the solar panels for charging. Stop wasting the energy from your solar system when the battery is only fifty percent changed with the use of PWM Solar Charge Controller.

PWM Solar Charge Controller is also the most common, cost-efficient and the easiest to deploy technology of solar charge controller. Commonly mistakenly referred to as DC to DC converters, this controller is actually a switch similar to a switching power supply that matches the source voltage to the load voltage.

Pulse Width Modulation is quite simple, and it has been around for many decades. One of its incredible advantages is that under most conditions, PWM Solar Charge Controllers won’t take advantage of the panels’ full capacity.

According to Ohm’s law, the current is inversely proportional to voltage, but PWM solar controllers won’t do anything with current. Once the high voltage from the solar panel is converted down to a useable form of 12 volts, the current out will be the same or lesser than the current in.

PWM Solar Charge Controllers are very cost efficient and, they are by far the most common choice for many amateur radio operators. Their price and simplicity make the energy tradeoff a very acceptable compromise.

The Technology of PWM Solar Charge Controller 1

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