3.2V-3.7V to 36V Solar Street Light Boost Controller


This is an intelligent booster controller that supports Li-ion charging without protection board, which can support 3.2V-3.7V step up to 20V-36V, very suitable for charging solar street lights and so on.

This PWM controller is capable of delivering up to 30 watts of output power.

This solar street light controller supports charging lithium batteries.


Product Model: 3.2-3.7V Boost Street Light Controller

Power setting: LCD remote control setting, permanent memory

Working mode: light control and time control

Remote control distance: about 15 meters

Charge and discharge mode: PWM

Output current: 900mA

Output voltage: 20-36V

Charging current: less than or equal to 10A

LED light board: 8-12 strings

Battery voltage: 3.2V-3.7V

Time period setting: remote control one-button setting

This controller comes with multiple protection functions: Overshoot/overdischarge protection, Reverse charge protection, Reverse battery connection protection, Solar panel reverse connection protection, Over-voltage protection, Short circuit protection, High Temperature protection

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs


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