Solar Dual Battery Charge Controller MPPT 30A

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The Solar Dual Battery Charge Controller charges two batteries with a single unit. Even if the two batteries are of different battery types (lithium or lead acid) and different battery voltages(12V or 24V), it can set which battery is charged first.

The dual battery controller is built with mppt technology, and the MPPT ensures it has the best solar energy conversion rate, up to 95%.

The solar dual battery controller can support up to five(5) battery types, including lithium iron phosphate, lithium ternary, lead-acid, Gel, and AGM batteries. With switched dip, you can choose which one to charge.

The dual battery charge controller is a 30A controller that automatically recognizes 12V or 24V and can support up to 780W solar panels in a 24V system. The maximum input voltage is 50V.

With the support for charging dual battery systems, this controller is especially suitable for those RVs, Marine, Motorhome, Campervan and Trailers with dual battery systems and is one of the best RV charge controllers.

The controller is housed in an aluminium case, and with the installation of a fan, heat dissipation is very good, ensuring optimal performance when continuous energy processing work will heat up.

With the help of an external Bluetooth gadget, it is very easy to use the mobile app to regulate the parameters and monitor the operation in real-time.

Features of Solar Dual Battery Charge Controller

  • True MPPT, Compared with the traditional PWM controller, the MPPT charging efficiency increased by 10-30%. (Controller conversion efficiency>95%)
  • 5 types of battery support are selected through the DIP switch. GEL battery, lead-acid battery, AGM, lithium iron phosphate battery and ternary lithium battery.
  • 2 Battery charging, Two batteries connect to 1 controller, and the batteries can be charged according to the priority set by the user.
  • The optional Bluetooth function can be connected to an external Bluetooth module, and the controller parameters can be displayed through the mobile phone APP.
  • Two sets of batteries with different types and voltages (12V or 24V) can be connected. The controller will detect battery types and voltage before charging and adopt different strategies.
  • Fully automatic unattended charging. With overload, overheating, and reverse current protection (when it is cloudy or there is no sunlight at night, it can prevent the battery from backflowing.
  • Overcharge protection. When the battery is fully charged, the charging current will decrease, and when the battery is empty, the battery will be charged immediately.
  • Automatic temperature compensation function. The independent temperature sensors ensure that the battery is in a low-temperature or high-temperature environment, a charge will be adjusted, and the best charging is used to extend the service life of the storm. It is strongly recommended that the battery and the controller are not installed in the place of the heated area.
  • Note: Lithium battery has no temperature compensation, no need to connect temperature sensor.

Dual Battery Charger Specifications:

Model: MPPT5030-DUO

PV maximum power: 12V: 390W, 24V: 780W

PV Max Input Voltage: 50V

Maximum charger current: 30А

Battery voltage: 12V/24V Auto Switch

Battery type: GEL, lead-acid, AGM. LiFePO4, lithium-ion (NCM)

Charging method: MPPT

Optional Accessories: Monitor, Temperature Sensor, Bluetooth Gadget

IP level: IP20

Weight/Dimension: about 0.78kg/ about 147x155x43mm/5.79×6.10×1.69 inch


















Safety Regulations and Scope of Use:

  1. Only GEL batteries, lead-acid liquid batteries, AGM batteries, lithium iron phosphate and ternary lithium batteries that meet the rated voltage are viable to be charged (lithium batteries must be equipped with BMS) batteries.
  2. The solar panel’s total power must be under the maximum rated power of the controller.
  3. You must take the right cable AWG size. If the cable is too small, it may lead the cable to overheat and cause energy loss.
  4. Install a rated fuse near the battery end to protect the cable between the battery and the solar panel.
  5. Please install in a well-ventilated place to prevent rain, humidity, dust, and corrosive battery gas and ensure no condensation in the environment.
  6. The temperature sensor, Bluetooth module, and display are optional accessories, and please order separately if necessary.
  7. Keep the controller and battery away from children.

You’ve come to the right place if you are interested in a solar dual battery charge controller. These devices charge two batteries with only one charger, one for the house battery and another for the engine starter battery. These devices will monitor the batteries’ charge levels between pulses and adjust their charging frequency accordingly. They will not harm your batteries and are an environmentally friendly option.

The 2 bank solar controllers are the first MPPT-type solar charge controllers to charge two batteries. They use the best solar power available, maximizing energy yield by 20 to 30 percent. The Duo controllers feature advanced protection mechanisms and charge two different battery banks. They come in standard and humidity-proof versions. With dual charging ports, they are ideal for use on a motorhome or campervan.

This solar charger works with both 12V and 24V battery systems. Its maximum charging current passes to the battery with the highest charge. It includes several protection features, including reverse current and polarity. Its various LED indicators provide real-time information and allow the user to choose a battery type. Besides this, it includes an RJ-45 socket for an optional remote LCD meter. If you’re considering buying a solar dual battery charge controller, read on for more information.

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