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About RV Dual Battery Solar Charger

This RV Solar Battery Charger Controller is Special Design for RV & Marine & Vehicle & Boat Solar Systems like Camper Van Trailer and Golf Carts equipped with a solar system—this Controller Support Dual Battery Charging (1 Main Battery & 1 RV Starting Battery). 

The 15 Amp Model can handle PV Array Input up to 165W, and the 25 Amp Model can take a Maximum of 350W PV Solar Power Input, Capable of Handle Standard 20 amp Current and a Maximum of 25 amp Current.

Why RV Solar Power System

Living a mobile lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular. More and more people choose to deploy a solar power system to their RV because the gas or diesel generator is loud, inefficient, and not very green. 

But choose a silent, efficient, and green Solar energy to charge the battery that only requires sunlight. 

Also, Sun power is the future, but fortunately, you don’t have to wait until the end to get the battery charged. Once you get a solar system, you’ll enjoy unlimited free and clean fuel to power up your RV Batteries.

Besides AC Power, a renewable car battery charger can offer an affordable, automatic solution for various situations. 

A solar charger on your RV can keep your batteries charged so basic functions like your water pump, 12-volt lights and other devices continue to run even when there are no other power sources. 

While solar panel charging is not the most powerful choice, it is the quietest and most rewarding. 

When compared to running a generator, Solar is superior because it works without requiring any fuel except sunlight.

Dual Battery RV Solar Battery Charger Set up & Wiring Diagram

Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller for RV Wiring Diagram

Dual Battery Solar Panel Charge Controller Features

MPPT Technology with high tracking efficiency of up to 99%. 4 Stage Charging with Over-Charge Protection, Support Lead-Acid.AGM, GEL and LifePo4 Batteries, Battery Type switchable by Toggle.

Unattended Charging: Standard protection against overload, overheating, reverse battery and rear discharge of the battery (in case of insufficient solar power, such as twilight, at night etc.)

Overcharge Protection: Reduction of the charging current of the battery in case of excessive solar power and full battery, immediate recharging in case of power consumption to ensure always the best possible charging state of the battery

There is no dc output port, as we designed 2 Battery charge ports. We give 2 Years Warranty, Lifetime Technical Support, and This controller also has an optional Monitor and temp sensor.

This MPPT RV Solar Charge Controller is Specially designed for RVs Solar Systems and supports Dual Battery Charging with 2 Batteries Terminals on Controller. This controller supports various kinds of the battery such as Lead-Acid, AGM2, GEL, Lithium-ion, and LiFePO4 Battery. Maximum Input Power reaches 350W.

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Best Solar Charge Controller for RV

the Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller is the Best 12-volt solar-powered battery charger for RVs available on the market

The unit can widely apply to the following occasions:

1). RVs Solar System

2). Solar Golf Carts

3). Solar Tourer

4). Solar Electric Vehicle

5). other systems which are supplied by solar energy

Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller for RV


Features you may like:

Charging 2 Battery at the same time

Industry Grade Component, Safety Charging

MPPT 4 Stage Charging: is designed to charge batteries at different voltages slowing plate sulfating and extending battery life

4 Battery Type Support

Durable Aluminum Alloy Housing

Fan Cooling

Automatic Temperature Compensation Function

Optional Extra Monitor, Temperature Sensor

Multiple Protection systems

Battery Negative Ground Design: Negative ground design ensures safe grounding and compatibility with any negative ground system

Smart Solar charge controllers offer easy programming of charging profiles to match all battery types

they can realize wireless monitoring and parameter setting and view the solar power supply system through a mobile APP. Real-time data on solar panels, batteries and loads

Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller for RV protection


Overcurrent protection ensures that your system operates safely and efficiently.

Technical Parameters:

System Voltage: 12 Volt

25A Model Standard Charge Current: 20A Maximum Charging Current: 25A

Battery: 1 Main Battery + 1 Starting Battery

Max PV Input: 50V

Max Pv Wattage: 12V 350W

Max Battery Voltage: 15V

Display: LED indicators, Extra Monitor(optional)

Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller for 2 battery

Specifications table

RV dual battery charge controller specification

We have also included a buyer’s guide where you’ll find everything you need to know about choosing the best RV solar battery charger.

Advanced MPPT charge controller delivers approximately 20% more energy than PWM Controller, this Rv Solar Charge controller is highly recommended when you are seeking a proper RV solar charge controller.

APP download

Android :

Solar regulator_APP_V1.0.rar

APP operation video_ENG.rar

Bluetooth APP Operation Guide

Wiring Diagram

Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller for RV Wiring Diagram


Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller for RV application

Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller for RV camper

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