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Applications of PV DC Disconnect Switch

Direct flow of various energy conversion power supply equipment for the solar field, such as.
Between the grid-connected PV inverter or grid-connected PV system panels and inverter
Between the PV off-grid inverter or PV off-grid system panels and the inverter
Photovoltaic storage inverter or between the panel and the inverter of the photovoltaic storage system
Between photovoltaic water pump controller or photovoltaic water pump system panel and controller
Various types of DC low voltage incoming or DC low voltage distribution lines with on-offs, such as.
On/off switching in each load and transmission and distribution line of the DC system of the metro.
In various types of energy storage systems connected to batteries, such as.
Between battery and sine/rectangular wave converter
Between battery and storage inverter
All types of DC or DC-like motor loads, DC lighting, household appliance loads.

DC Disconnect Switch

DC Isolator for Solar 1000V