MPPT Solar Charge Controller 48V 40A

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MPPT Solar Charge Controller 48V 40A Intro

This MPPT Solar Charge Controller 48V 40A is the 3rd generation MPPT solar controller. Based on the 1st generation experience and customer feedback, we optimized the display, control mode, connection mode and internal structure. 

Adopt MPPT control algorithm can quickly track the maximum power point of the PV array and improve the utilization of solar energy, LCD and PC Control Design convenient for user viewing, recording and setting parameters. 

Products can be widely used in solar off-grid systems of communication base stations, household use Systems, RV systems, street lamp systems, field monitoring, etc.

The feature of the MPPT Solar Charge Controller 48V 40A

MPPT Solar Charge Controller 48A 48V 36V 24V 12V Auto 130V PV Input Support Lithium LiFePO Lead-acid with LCD Display and 99% Tracking Efficiency Solar Panel Charging Regulator

This 40A MPPT Solar Charge Controller is a 12V, 24V, 36V 48V Automatically Identification Smart Charging Regulator. Max PV input reaches 130V, Support Charging Lithium, LiFePO and Lead-acid Battery.

Effective MPPT Charging algorithm, the MPPT Efficiency > 99.5%, Conversion Efficiency as high as 98%

3-Stage Charge Method effectively Extend the service life of the battery

Discharge Mode: Open Mode, Closed Mode, PV Input Control Mode

Suitable for Charging four kinds of commonly used Deep Cycle batteries (sealed lead acid battery, discharge battery bank, gel battery, nickel-cadmium battery) and can be customized for other types of batteries.

The LCD Display and PC Can show various parameters, such as system types, PV input voltage, battery type, battery voltage, charging current, charging power, working condition, etc.

Adopt RS232 Communication, and can provide communication protocol, convenient customer for integration management.

This MPPT Solar Charge Controller 48V 40A Has CE, ROHS, and FCC Certifications.

Highlights of MPPT Solar Charge Controller 48V 40A

1. Increase all kinds of protection functions to be used to be more reassuring.

2. Add the LOAD sampling to be used more clearly for output load.

3. Wider PV Input voltage 150VDC, so it suitable for more kinds of PV modules

4. Reduce the static standby self-consumption, energy-saving, and more for small systems.

This Esmart Series also has a 60 Amp Version available for sale. Check here.

Specifications of MPPT Solar Charge Controller 48V 40A

Charge Mode: MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking)

MPPT Efficiency:≥99.5%

Max PV Input: 150V (Voc)

Rated charge current: 40A

MPPT Controller Max Input Power

520W (12v battery system)

1040W (24v battery system)

1560W (36v battery system)

2080W (48v battery system)

System voltage

12V battery system: DC9V~DC15V

24V battery system: DC18V~DC30V

36V battery system: DC32V~DC40V

48V battery system: DC42V~DC60V

Constant Voltage

Please check the charge voltage according to the battery type form Constant Voltage(CV) Floating Voltage(CF):

Flooded: CV 14.6V CF 13.8V

Sealed: CV 14.4V CF 13.8V

Gel: CV 14.2V CF 13.8V

User(setting) : CV (9V~15V) CF (9V~15V)

If you need to set up by PC, you need to buy an RS485 Communication cable

Videos for this MPPT Solar Charge Controller

MPPT Solar Charge Controller 48V 40A Wiring Diagram

MPPT Solar Charge Controller 48V 40A Wiring Diagram
MPPT Solar Charge Controller 48V 40A Wiring Diagram

Package Including

1 X MPPT Solar Charge Controller

2 X Hang Bracket

1 X Temperature Sensor

1 X English Manual

User Manual Download

The user manual for this MPPT Solar Charge Controller 48V 40A can be found at the download centre


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