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This MC Series MPPT charge controller uses Power Catcher technology for efficient and reliable solar battery charging. This series MPPT Controller is designed for RVs and Marine Battery Charge purposes. The series has 20 Amp, 30 Amp, 40 Amp, and 50 Amp Models for Chosen.

The MC MPPT Series uses the latest PowerCacher technology developed by zhcsolar. The PowerCacher technology is based on the MPPT technology and is optimized.

Due to the use of MPPT technology, the performance of this Controller is excellent, both in terms of charging conversion efficiency and performance.

The Controller is specially designed for RV, Camper, and Marine solar systems and is optimized in many aspects, such as housing design, fan heat, control system, and negative grounding design.

The 30 Amp MPPT charge controller provides 30 amps on an up to 100-volt open circuit input. This MC2430N MPPT solar charge controller with MPPT Power Cather Technology is an advanced maximum power point tracking (MPPT) RV solar battery charger for off-grid solar systems up to 800W.

This new and improved ZHCSolar 30 Amp Charge Controller offers much more than a standard MPPT charge controller with Latest Power Catcher High Tech. The Controller is compatible with most deep-cycle batteries, including lithium-ion, gel, sealed, open, and AGM batteries.

This highly efficient charge controller has building-in multiple protection to keep the batteries from becoming over-charged or over-discharged. This protection feature increases the longevity of the battery bank.

This Power Catcher MPPT controller also features Multiphase Synchronous Rectification and Maximum Power Point Tracking technologies, increasing charging efficiency and improving system performance.

The MPPT Charge Controller charging process has been optimized for long battery life and improved system performance. The comprehensive self-diagnostics and electronic protection functions can prevent damage from installation mistakes or system faults.

In addition, the Controller is a high-end industrial-class product based on multiphase synchronous rectification technology. It has features of high efficiency and reliability.

The ZHCSolar 30 amp MPPT charge controller provides the industry’s highest peak efficiency of 99% and significantly less power loss than other MPPT controllers.

The MC MPPT features a smart tracking algorithm that maximizes the energy harvest from the PV by rapidly finding the solar array peak power point with an extremely fast sweeping of the entire I-V curve.

This product is the first RV Solar Charge Controller that Adopts the Latest Power Catcher MPPT Technology in the line of MPPT RV Controllers.

Key Features of RV 30 Amp MPPT Charge Controller


◆ Power Catcher maximum power point tracking technology allows the Controller to track the maximum power point of solar panels even in a complex environment. Compared with the traditional MPPT tracking technology, it boasts faster response speed and higher tracking efficiency.

◆ A built-in maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm can significantly increase the energy utilization efficiency of the photovoltaic system, which is about 15% to 20% higher than traditional PWM charging.

◆ Advanced maximum power point tracking technology (MPPT) with high tracking efficiency of 99.9%.

◆ Multiphase synchronous rectification technology with advanced digital power technology makes the peak conversion efficiency as high as 98%.

◆ It provides an active charging voltage regulation feature. At battery open circuit or lithium battery BMS overcharge protection, the controller battery terminal will output the rated charging voltage value.


Compact Design for RV Solar Power System. Enhanced Heat Sink and conservative design enable operating at full ratings to 45°C—no need to de-rate.

Ratings to 50A at 24VDC will handle solar arrays up to 1320W.


◆ A current-limited charging mode is available. When the solar panel’s power is too large, and the charging current is higher than the rated value, the Controller automatically reduces the charging ability to ensure the solar panel operates at the rated charging current.

◆ Built-in over-temperature protection ensures that when the temperature exceeds the set value of the device, the charging current decreases linearly with the temperature, thereby

◆ Extensive Electronic Protections Fully protected against reverse polarity, short circuits, overcurrent, high temperature, and overvoltage.

◆ Built-in over-temperature protection, when the temperature is too high, the charging power decreases linearly with the temperature.

◆ Temperature compensation function automatically adjusts the charging parameters to improve battery life.

◆TVS lightning protection


◆ Supports different types of batteries such as lithium, gel, sealed, open, etc.

◆ Nominal Battery Voltage Automatically detects 12V / 24V DC

◆ Automatic identification of lead-acid battery voltage.

Communications Capability / Accessories

◆ Optional RM-6 Meter displays extensive system and controller information, indicating status, faults, and alarms—automatic self-test and reset capabilities.

◆ Optional BT-2 Bluetooth Module can be connected for viewing equipment operating data and status, remote monitoring, and control.

◆ Support standard Modbus protocol to meet communication needs on different occasions

◆ BTS Temperature Sensor 

RV MPPT Solar Charge Kit Accessories

The Controller also features an advanced external accessory design that allows remote control and parameterization via a remote meter and Bluetooth component.

This battery temperature sensor accomplishes this ability by adjusting the charging setpoint based on your batteries’ temperature.

RV MPPT Solar Charger Accessories

Specification of MC MPPT Charge Controller 30 Amp

Parameter Value
Mode MC2420N10 MC2430N10 MC2440N10 MC2450N10
System 12V/24V
Idel <10mA
Battery Volt 9V~35V
Max PV Input 92V(25℃),100V
MPPT Tracking Range Battery Voltage + 2V ~ 72V
Current 20A 30A 40A 50A
Max PV Input 260W/12V








Tracking Efficiency ≤98%
MPPT  efficiency >99%
Temperature Compensation -3mv/℃/2V (default), Lithium battery Does not Apply
Working Temperature -35℃ ~ +45℃
Protection IP32
Weight 650g 830g 1040g 1335g
Communication mode TTL serial communication
Altitude ≤ 3000 Meter
Dimension 150*105.6*61.5 150*105.6*67.5 183*127*65.5 183*127*69.5

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mc rv solar battery charger user review
mc rv solar battery charger user review

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User Manual Download

User manual for this 30 Amp MPPT charge controller and series is available at Download Center

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20A, 30A, 40A, 50A


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