how to reset solar charge controller

How to Reset Solar Charge Controller?

You’ve got a solar panel, but your solar charge controller is not detecting the panels. The controller might be displaying the moon error symbol, indicating a number of things.

A blown fuse or poor wring from the solar panel to the battery is two common causes. Dirty panels may also cause a controller to show the moon error symbol. If these are the case, you’ll need to reset your solar charge controller.

What to do if charge controller not working

If you’ve noticed that your solar charge controller isn’t working properly, there are a few possible reasons why. First, check the battery connection. If the controller shows 0.0, the battery is full and may need cleaning.

If it shows a long-term ACr code, there’s probably something wrong with the internal controller. To fix this, try performing a soft reset, restarting the controller, and disconnecting the solar and battery wires.

If the controller won’t reset after trying these tips, you can always hard-reset it.

A hard-reset will require that you unplug your solar panel and battery to prevent it from resetting. The hard-reset will require that you disconnect the batteries and battery wires and then reconnect them.

The controller will take between two to fifteen minutes to reset itself. The controller will require an electrical outlet and power to reset.

Reasons of solar charge controller not working

If your solar charge controller is not working, you might be experiencing a few common problems.

First, you must check the output voltage. If you notice that your solar charge controller is not charging the battery, it could be because it’s not configured correctly. Then, you can try resetting the controller. If the problem persists, you can contact customer support to get help. If you have a warranty, you can contact the manufacturer for a replacement unit.

If you’ve recently purchased a solar power system, you may have trouble figuring out what’s wrong with your controller. A solar panel that’s too hot or too cold will produce less power than one that’s too cold.

The charge controller is designed to regulate the output voltage of your panel to the voltage of your battery, which varies from between 10.5 and 14.6 volts, depending on the type of battery and its state of charge. To find out whether your charge controller is too hot or too cold, consult the owner’s manual.

How to check if the solar controller is working

If your controller displays a moon symbol, it’s probably not receiving the voltage from your solar panels. To check this, check the voltage across the battery’s terminal block and the controller’s inline fuse.

If the controller’s voltage is below 18V, the battery may not be receiving enough power from the sun to run the controller. Resetting the solar controller may fix the problem. It’s important to be sure that all three components are working properly.

First, you must understand the settings on your multimeter. Also, you should avoid testing a fully charged battery, because it won’t accept the current.

You should also use an extra wire or an extension cord when performing these measurements.

Make sure the lead wires are connected to a Quick-Connect Plug. Once these are connected, connect the regulator and solar panel together. Repeat the process until the battery shows no resistance.

How do you reset a solar charge controller?

Resetting a solar charge controller restores it to its factory settings and may fix any problems. You should only do this process if you are experiencing trouble with your solar panel. It is recommended to use a safe environment and always disconnect the PV module wires and cover them before you begin the process.

You can do this process by pressing the power/reset buttons on the front of the controller and holding them for at least 15 seconds. If the system still won’t reset properly, you can hard reset the controller. This requires you to take it off the wall and wait for a certain amount of time.

If the solar panel controller is not charging properly, try performing a soft reset. This is similar to restarting your computer or mobile phone. To reset a solar panel controller, unplug it from the battery. However, if the controller continues to display error messages, you should consult a qualified technician to perform the reset. Alternatively, you can try performing a hard reset on your solar panel controller. If it still does not work properly, you can also try unplugging the solar panel and reconnection the battery.

Reset a solar charge controller steps

Reset your solar charge controller to the factory default settings by following the steps below: First, disconnect the battery from the charge controller. Then, turn off the circuit breaker or fuse. After waiting for two minutes, uncover the solar panels and connect them to the regulator. Then, check the load output of the solar charge controller by using a multimeter. Make sure it reads a maximum of 10A. Also, disconnect the positive cable from the battery to the controller.

If you’re having trouble with your solar panel, the solar charge controller may be faulty. Resetting it can fix a variety of issues.

Make sure you follow the manual closely to ensure you’re doing it correctly. Resetting the controller can take as little as two minutes or as long as fifteen. But, if you’re not comfortable with electrical work, you may want to contact a professional to install your system for you.

Do the following steps to reset the Solar charge controller to recover it functionality:

Soft Reset:

  • Press ALL the buttons in front of the charge controller.
  • Hold the Press until you see the RESET symbol Appear.
  • Press the corresponding Button to process the reset
  • Reset the Charge Parameters includes the input voltage, output voltage and battery voltage.

If soft Reset does not work, try to Hard Reset the Charge Controller:

  • Disconnect the Solar charge Controller from the solar panel and battery bank.
  • Wait for the solar controller Cool
  • Check the Solar controller Conditions
  • Waiting for Half Hours
  • insert with DC power and Clear the Setting and DATA (if have) as above soft reset instructs.
  • Reconnect all the Wires correctly.
  • Set the Charge Parameters includes the input voltage, output voltage, Battery types and battery voltage.

Need help with your solar charge controller?

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