How to reset inverter

How to Reset Inverter

What is an Inverter?

An inverter is an electronic device that converts 12V, 24V or 48V DC power to 110V or 220V AC Power.

Inverters are widely used in applications where 110V/220V is required to power equipment that has limited access to the grid. Examples include caravans, RV, Boat, camping sites and off-grid solar energy systems.

solar inverter was applied in solar system to provide a power backup when there is a power outage or unable to connect the grid power supply.

What is does Reset mean in Inverter

The inverter can be returned to normal operation by means of a reset operation if it has stopped working or if it has failed to operate.

A reset is a common setting in electronic equipment. It allows the current device to operate again by erasing the current system settings and parameters and forcing them back to their default values.

A reset is often used to get the system working again when the cause of a fault cannot be found and the system is experiencing a problem.

Why Reset an Inverter?

When there is a problem with the power inverter, you may need to reset it in order to fix the issue.

Inverter Overload, undervoltage, power failure, output fault, etc. can be corrected by resetting to default.

Resetting the power inverter can help protect the battery from excessive discharge if it is unable to shut down when the battery runs down.

Resetting the inverter will return it to its default settings and may solve the problem.

By resetting your inverter regularly, you can ensure its optimum performance and longevity.

Soft Reset and Hard Reset in Inverters

There are two ways to reset the inverter: soft reset and hard reset.

Steps to Soft Reset an Inverter

Many advanced inverters now support soft reset, which means you can reset the inverter by connecting it to your APP or PC software:

The first step is to open your application or software, then find the reset option in the system settings and enable or tick it.

1. Make sure the inverter is properly connected to power and your computer

2. If using a PC, open the invertor’s control panel by clicking on Start → Control Panel → Hardware and Sound → Inverters

3. Under “Reset”, click on hard reset button

4. The system will ask you to confirm that you want to reset the inverter. Click OK

5. After confirming, the system will restart and erase all current settings in the inverter including: installed programs, user data etc., this process may take a few minutes so be patient.

The inverter will then automatically shut down, and after a period of time the inverter will automatically restart, after which the inverter can be used again.

9 Steps to Hard Reset an Inverter

Hard reset is the most common way of resetting the inverter by reset button press and is suitable for all types of inverters.

Step 1: Turn off your inverter – Toggle the power switch to OFF, Cut off battery terminals

Step 2: Turn off your AC disconnect – Shutdown the AC Disconnect Unit

Step 3: Turn off your solar disconnect box – Solar Panel dc toggle switch to OFF

Step 4: Turn off your electrical service panel – circuit breaker to OFF

Step 5: Wait 30 seconds

Step 6: Turn on your electrical service panel – Do Reverse Order as above

Step 7: Turn on your solar disconnect box – If is in a Solar Power PV system, Do this.

Step 8: Turn on your AC disconnect

Step 9: Turn on your inverter – enable the Battery connections

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a reset button on an inverter?

Yes, there may be a reset button on the inverter. However, some inverters have no reset button that must be processed via a remote APP.

How long does it take for an inverter to reset?

In most cases, inverters will power on automatically after 30 seconds after a reset process.

How to reset my frequency inverter to factory settings?

By a Hard reset to the inverter it can return to the factory settings. In some cases, for the inverter to be returned to its factory state, it will require programming through an external APP or manufacturer’s software.

How can I reset my inverter if it is not working properly?

There is no reset button on some inverters. However, some inverters have a “RESET” switch located near the power cord which can be pressed for more than 15 seconds to reset the inverter.

How do I reset my inverter settings?

both the soft reset by apps and hard reset by buttons can help you recover the default settings.

What are the possible consequences of not resetting an inverter?

If you’re not resetting your inverter, then there are a few possible consequences. The inverter may run on low voltage and cause damage to the batteries. It may also shut off due to over temperature, or be overloaded, leading to a continuous alarm sound.

What should I do if I notice any problems with my inverter?

If you are experiencing problems with your inverter, there are a few things you can do, first, reading any error code may appear and fix it accordingly, if the problem remains, try to reset it.


While inverter resetting is not complexity, following the above steps should help get you there in no time.

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