How to Build a Solar Generator pdf

Tired of dealing with power outages? Just buy a few components and follow these steps to build your own solar generator.

You will need solar panels, batteries, a battery box, a 12-volt DC meter, a DC input, an inverter, and wiring.

Visit your local hardware or solar equipment store and purchase solar panels rated at 12 volts or higher. Panels can also be purchased online, and some retailers offer free shipping.

Buy 12-volt deep-cycle lead-acid or gel batteries. Deep-cycle batteries last longer.

Buy a battery box for the battery to prevent exposure and to keep children from touching it.

Purchase a 12-volt DC meter from an electrical supply store.

Purchase a DC input device. Car cigarette lighters have a triple input mode that provides enough power for most DC applications.

Another option is to connect a cable to an answering machine or other portable DC generator. The cable can be unplugged directly from the box and will allow you to boil water and use electric lights for extended periods of time.

If you plan to use a solar generator to power all of your household appliances, you will also need to purchase an inverter.

An inverter converts direct current from the battery to alternating current. 115 volts and 140 watts will work. You can find these products at auto parts stores or on Amazon.

Seal the battery cover with a rubber band.

Place the solar generator in the sun to charge the battery.

It takes 5-8 hours for a dead battery and 1-3 hours for a weak battery.

A pop-up breaker must be installed between the positive terminal and the voltmeter.

Larger panels, inverters, and batteries can be added as the solar generator application expands.

Under normal conditions, solar generators produce the same amount of electricity as conventional electrical systems. A voltage regulator is also required for larger generators.

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