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Like other eCommerce stores, the order in zhcsolar is easy and safe, check the ordering process here.

ZHCSolar’s Product Range

ZHCSolar Offers MPPT Solar Charge ControllerPWM Charge Controller, Solar Battery, RV Solar Battery Charger, Battery BalancerCar Battery Charger, and Low Voltage Disconnect Modules

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ZHCSolar has Direct Stores on zhcsolar.com, Amazon.com,eBay.com, Shopee.com and Distribution Networks

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We support 7 days of Free Return with Prepaid shipping labels. For more detail please check this page.

Why didn’t I receive the order notification

If you placed an order and did not receive order confirmation, order notification, or tracking notification, Some email providers may mark our emails as spam or completely block them. Be sure to check your spam folder for emails about your order and make sure to add @zhcsolar.com to your safe list. contact us as and we will send the message again.

How to Track my order

To track the status of an order, tap on “Shipping Information” under the Order Details page (if you are registered user and logged in). For Non-register Customer, we will send shipping tracking information via support email. if you did not receive the tracking notifications, please contact us.

Which Shipping Method you use

We use USPS, UPS, TNT, FedEx, and DHL as our Carrier for Most Orders. After the Order Shipped Out, you should receive a Shipping Notes send from us. if you did not receive it, please check the spam box or contact us directly.

Are you do Dropshipping from other sites like Aliexpress?

No, We only Stock and Sell the product on our own. most the product are stocked in our US Warehouse.

Frequently asked questions about ZHCSolar Product

How to choose a solar battery charger

to choose the right size charge controller, you can use this free and robust Charge Controller Size Calculator, or check the tips for choosing the charge controller here.

What is a Battery Balancer?

a Battery Balancer is a device that perform the battery cell equalization to keep all the battery voltage reach to the same level. thus prolong the battery life, check this detailed guide.

MPPT vs. PWM Charge Controller, Which is better?

we have made a comprehensive comparison guide between MPPT and PWM Solar Charge Controllers, you may find more Detail here.