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Highlights of EPever 30A MPPT Solar Charge controller

The TracerAN Solar Panels Controller was an MPPT Charge Controller released by EPever in 2018. The TracerAN is the upgraded version of the popular TracerA series. Compared to the old TracerA, the TracerAN has a lot of upgrades and new features.

The controller utilizes the latest MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology, improving power conversion to 99%. That means you can get the most power from the sun by taking this unit.

The tracer is the star of EPever’s mppt line and has received many positive rates in many online product reviews.

New Added Features EPever 30A MPPT Solar Charge controller.

  1. Common Negative Ground – Most RV Solar Power Systems and Marine/Boat Solar Systems Adopt the Negative Grounding Design. When applying to the RVs, this controller is the right choice.
  2. Supports Lithium-ion Battery Charge. The former TracerA cannot charge Li-ion batteries. We upgraded it as more and more LiFePo4 batteries are being used.
  3. Blacklight Display, this bright screen makes the user view the charging status and setting more convenient.

Tracer-AN series controller builds based on multiphase synchronous rectification technology (MSRT) and advanced MPPT control algorithm, with dual-core processor architecture and common negative design, has features of high response speed, high reliability, and high industrial standard.

MSRT can guarantee very high conversion efficiency in any charging power, which sharply improves the energy efficiency of the solar system.

Advanced MPPT control algorithm minimizes the maximum power point loss rate and loss time. It ensures the tracking efficiency keep performed under any condition.

Compared to conventional PWM controllers, MPPT can improve the utilization of solar systems by up to 30%. To understand it, check this MPPT vs. PWM guide.

The epever mppt controller incorporates current and power limiting functions for charging and an adaptive power-down process for high-temperature charging, fully facilitating system stability when the product is overloaded with PV modules and operating in high-temperature conditions.

The 30a mppt controller is equipped with an RS485 interface and a dedicated protection chip, further improving the system’s stability and allowing a wider range of applications.

The solar controller has an adaptive three-stage charging mode controlled by digital circuitry. It can effectively increase the life of the solar Battery and boost system performance.

The over-charge, over-discharge, PV reverse, battery reverse, and other comprehensive electrical protection functions ensure the solar power system is more stable, consistent, and has a long operation.

The controller has a broad range of applications and can be applied to home off-grid solar systems, RV, marine, communications base stations, street lighting, and field monitoring systems.



  1. Compatible with multiple battery types, including Lead Acid, Gel, AGM, Sealed, Flooded, and lithium-ion batteries. In addition, you may define your battery type via the USER define mode.
  2. 12V/24 Volt Battery System Auto identification and Switch.
  3. The controller’s exterior comprises die-cast aluminum for dust and water resistance and enhanced heat dissipation.
  4. Wide range of operating voltages for a maximum power of the PV array
  5. With the battery temperature compensation function
  6. With real-time power statistics recording function
  7. With ultra-high temperature charging automatic power-down function
  8. Multiple load control modes, incl. Manual, light ON/OFF and On+Timer
  9. The use of high-quality and low failure rate components of the internationally renowned brands ST and TR ensures the service life of the products.
  10. Full-load operation without a capacity reduction in the operating temperature range.
  11. The communication interface adopts a special power protection chip, which can provide a 5V/100ma power supply with over-current and short-circuit Protection.
  12. The mobile app and PC software allow you to monitor and set parameters remotely.
  13. system failure self-diagnose function, with Error Code + Indicator

Additional Features:

  1. The MPPT Controller can be Managed and Programmed remotely via the PC software.
  2. Multiple external devices can be accessed to extend the functionality, including Bluetooth module, WiFi Module, eLog Data recorder, MT50 Meter, and OTG cable.


Comparison Sheet for Chose the Right MPPT Controller:

Item Tracer 1206AN Tracer 2206AN Tracer 1210AN Tracer 2210AN Tracer 3210AN Tracer 4210AN
System nominal voltage 12/24VDC Auto
Rated charge current 10A 20A 10A 20A 30A 40A
Rated discharge current 10A 20A 10A 20A 30A 40A
Battery voltage range 8~32V
Max. PV open circuit voltage 60V 46V 100V 92V
MPP voltage range (Battery voltage +2V)~36V (Battery voltage +2V)~ 72V
Max. PV input power 130W/12V 260W/24V 260W/12V 520W/24V 130W/12V 260W/24V 260W/12V 520W/24V 390W/12V 780W/24V 520W/12V 1040W/24V
Self-consumption ≤12mA
Discharge circuit voltage drop ≤0.23V
Temperature compensate coefficient -3mV/℃/2V (Default)
Grounding Common negative
RS485 interface 5VDC/100mA
LCD backlight time 60S (Default)

Available Mode for Choose

  • Tracer 2210AN 20 Amp MPPT Solar Controller
  • Tracer 3210AN 30 Amp MPPT Solar Controller
  • Tracer 4210AN 40 Amp MPPT Solar Controller

TracerAN Series MPPT Controller has Mulitple Protection.

PV Over Current, The controller will limit the Battery charging current to the Maximum Battery Current rating. Therefore a large solar array will not operate at peak power.

PV Short Circuit When PV short circuit occurs, the solar controller will stop charging. Clear it to resume normal operation.

PV Reverse Polarity Fully protected against PV reverse polarity, no damage to the controller will result. Correct the wiring to resume normal operation.

Battery Reverse Polarity Fully protected against battery reverse polarity, no damage to the controller will result. Correct the wiring to resume normal operation.

Battery Over-voltage When the battery voltage reaches the voltage set point of Over Voltage Disconnect, the controller will stop charging the Battery to protect the battery overcharge from breaking down.

Battery Over-discharge When the battery voltage reaches the voltage set point of Low Voltage Disconnect, the controller will stop discharging the Battery to protect the Battery over-discharged from breaking down.

Battery Overheating The controller detects the battery temperature through the external temperature sensor. If the battery temperature exceeds 65ºC, the controller will automatically start the overheating Protection to stop working and recover below 50 ºC.

Load Overload If the load current exceeds the maximum load current rating 1.05 times, the controller will disconnect the load. Overloading must be cleared up by reducing the load and restarting the controller.

Ÿ Load Short Circuit Fully protected against load wiring short-circuit. Once the load shorts (more than quadruple the rated current), the short load protection will start automatically. After five automatic loads reconnect attempts, the fault must be cleared by restarting the controller.

Damaged Remote Temperature Sensor If the temperature sensor is short-circuited or damaged, the controller will be charging or discharging at the default temperature of 25°C to prevent the Battery damaged from overcharging or over-discharged.

Controller Overheating If the temperature of the controller heat sinks exceeds 85°C, the controller will automatically start the overheating Protection and recover below 75°C.

High Voltage Transients PV is protected against small high voltage surges. In lightning-prone areas, additional external suppression is recommended.

How to install the MPPT Charge Controller


EPever 30A MPPT Solar Charge Controller Manual Download

The EPever 30A MPPT Solar charge controller manual can be downloaded at Download Center.

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