Can I Use a Solar Controller as a DC to DC Charger

Can I Use a Solar Controller as a DC to DC Charger?

Today’s discussion is whether we can use the solar controller as a DC to DC battery charger, our answer is no, and we do not recommend this usage.

Before we go any further, let’s make clear some concepts, such as what a solar controller is, what a DC-DC battery charger is, how they work, and why you can’t use a solar controller to replace a DC charger.

Let’s go

What is a Solar Charge Controller and how it works?

A solar charge controller is a specialized device that helps solar panel owners charge batteries using excess power from the sun. These controllers sit between your solar panels and your battery bank, regulating voltage to ensure a safe charging output.

The job of the solar controller is to allow the current generated by the higher voltage solar panels to flow safely into the lower voltage cells, Such as a 18V solar panel to charge a 12V solar panel.

Both the MPPT controller and PWM charge controllers has the same working principle, a higher input volt is an essential.

What is a battery to Battery Charger?

A DC to DC Battery Charger also called a Battery to Battery Charger, is a charger designed to charge the auxiliary batteries by the starter battery. Most often used in RVs, boats, and camper. It helps you keep the life battery in full while you are on the drive.

The B2B Charger works whether the vehicle is parked or on the road, and it only needs power from the starter battery, which comes from the alternator while the car is driving. Some DC DC battery Charger with Solar Inputs models integrate the solar charge controller functions to help you use the solar panels in the same system.

A battery to battery dc charger sends a charge from one battery to another through the use of an electrical circuit, which works even those two batteries has the same voltage level.

Why you can not use a solar charge controller as a DC to DC Battery Charger?

You can’t use a solar controller as a DC to DC charger because they work differently. In order for a solar controller to work, the input voltage has to be higher than the output voltage of the battery end, so it can work.

A DC-DC charger does not need to work like this, two batteries have the same voltage level can work together through it. In real applications, the voltage of the starter battery in the same vehicle is the same as that of the life battery.

The main reason why the solar controller can not replace the DC Battery Charger is written above, read it, and you’ll understand.

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