can i add wind power to my solar system

Can I Add Wind Power to My Solar System?

Can I add wind power to my solar system to produce more electricity? The answer is a definite yes, you can add a wind turbine to a solar system to use natural renewable energy together. The combined use of solar and wind power is not only technically possible, but also has many advantages.

In the next sections we will discuss the techniques, benefits, and best practices of their combination.

The use of solar energy is a very environmentally friendly, convenient and easy to implement project, but it also has the disadvantage of not being able to generate electricity during rainy days and nights. The use of wind power can offset this loss. If the local weather conditions are very suitable, wind turbines can even keep working for most of the 24 hours.

Although solar panels only produce electricity when the sun is shining, wind turbines can produce electricity twenty to thirty hours a day. This is an advantage that we can not ignore.

In the past, wind turbines and solar system were only available with their own dedicated controllers, but now there are all-in-one wind solar controllers on the market that allow them to be used in combination. It is possible to manage a hybrid energy system using the same device.

In marine and boat cases, Wind generators generate power at higher wind speeds and can be used to charge batteries while on a sailboat. These systems can provide more power than solar panels when you’re sailing on a reach, as the wind from the main sail blows back into the turbine. Wind generators can also be used to charge your batteries while you’re at anchorage.

mppt solar wind charge cotnroller combo
mppt solar wind charge cotnroller combination

Best Practice to use solar and wind power together

for small project homeowner, you can build your own renewable energy system by combine small wind turbines and low watts solar panels together. Equipped with a hybrid solar and wind system according to your home’s electricity usage needs, the power production is allowing you to live completely off-grid.

You can connect more than one wind turbine to your solar system. But make sure you choose a robust wind solar controller that can manage the combined energy produced by all of your turbines. This way, you can use more than one wind turbine and still produce enough power for your home. However, you must be aware that wind turbines and solar panels may not be compatible. Using multiple charge controllers to feed the battery bank allows you to create a multi-energy system that includes wind and solar panels.

Wind farm with enough wind can also take advantage of integrating the use of wind and solar energy, plus solar panels to unify the use of renewable energy, wind turbines will not affect the sun exposure to solar panels, the combination will take your energy use advantage to another level.

When integrating wind power with your solar energy system, you should consider the FIT payment. The FIT payment is based on the percentage of electricity that you’re exporting to the power grid. You should use the excess electricity for high energy-demand devices during the daytime and not during the night when the wind turbine isn’t working. You can also use excess electricity to heat your home or to power your hot water system.


How to Connect Solar and Wind turbine together

If your system is a small to medium hybrid system, then you can use a hybrid charge controller, which connects both the wind turbine and the solar panels, aggregates them and then charges the batteries, which are eventually used to charge household appliances.

If you have a medium to large hybrid system, or even need to connect to the grid, you can use a hybrid inverter for the wind turbine, which not only bypasses the back-up system and plugs directly into the appliance, but also allows you to sell excess power back to the grid to generate income.

Steps to connect solar and wind turbine together

  1. Assess your energy needs to order solar panels or wind turbines
  2. Wind turbines and solar panels should be close in wattage
  3. Adding Wind turbine or Solar Panels to stand-alone systems must have power knowledge and skills
  4. Always Connect the Battery First
  5. Connect the solar panel to the all-in-one controller
  6. Connect the wind generator to the all in one controller by 3 Lines
  7. Connect the solar inverter or hybrid inverter to the battery

Before you install a wind turbine on your rooftop, check your local restrictions and zoning laws. Wind turbines may cause aesthetic issues with your neighbors, so make sure they don’t block their view. Many towns have height restrictions, and zoning laws limit wind turbines to 35 feet (ca. 11 m) or less. So, you may have to make other arrangements for your hybrid wind power system. Doing this ahead of time will ensure that your solar power system can be as efficient as possible.

Intergrade wind and solar charge control unit to make a control hub, you can control and monitoring them by PC or remotely by Phones.

What is Wind Turbine Charge Controller

A wind turbine charge controller is a controller that regulates the flow of wind-generated power to the battery process, and works the same as a solar controller to protect the system and the batteries.

Most wind power controllers have MPPT technology and boost charging technology built in to ensure that charging can be done at low wind speeds.

What is Hybrid Wind Solar Charge Controller

A hybrid wind solar charge controller is a smart-integrated energy management system that regulates power from renewable energy sources (typically solar and wind) to the grid. It manages demand by optimizing generation from renewables, as well as meeting or exceeding grid requirements through battery storage.

What is Hybrid Wind Turbine Inverter

A hybrid wind turbine inverter is a type of power inverter used to convert renewable energy generated by wind turbines into usable electricity.

By applying the hybrid wind turbine inverter, you can utilize the wind resource directly or send the excess energy to the battery backup.

How to Add Wind Power to my Solar System

If you want to use both sources of energy, you can connect them through the same wiring system. Be sure to select a controller that can handle both solar PV and wind turbines. Performing the wiring yourself is dangerous and may lead to fire or injury. If you don’t have the experience to install the wind turbine, hire a professional. Then you can install the wind turbine to the existing solar system, completing the whole process in a single day.

Benefit of Add Wind Power to my Solar System

A hybrid solar-wind energy system can provide a steady flow of electricity while being relatively low-maintenance. For example, A solar-wind hybrid system can generate 1800 kWh or more of electricity per year in Colorado. In Colorado, an average 1kW solar system will generate approximately 3600 kWh of electricity, and at a $0.12 per kWh electricity cost, you can expect to save $432 a year using a hybrid solar-wind power system.

Renewable energy sources are easy to get by Modern advanced technologies, hybrid charge controller and hybrid wind solar inverter are designed for such applications, setup the system also takes no time.

Essentials of the Add Wind Power to Solar System

To capture both wind and solar energy, you need a stand-alone wind charge controller to wire to the solar power system, or a controller that incorporates wind-solar energy charge. The charge controller is an essential part in the wind solar system and regulate the charge process.

A rechargeable battery is also an important part of adding a wind turbine to a solar system, ensuring that it can support both wind turbine charging and solar charging. The good news is that most of the latest batteries can support both charging inputs.

While you can install solar panels on a pitched roof, wind turbines require a flat roof and a frame that can tilt. Wind turbines can be problematic due to height restrictions in your area. Small turbines with 360-degree blades must be installed on a roof. If they were placed on the ground, they would be blocked by surrounding buildings and structures.

Hybrid wind turbine inverter can be added to the wind power systems to enhance the usability and also provide power to the battery storage.

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