Boost MPPT Charge Controller 60V 72V 600W

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Are you looking for a boost solar battery charger that will help you charge your battery at a faster rate? Look no further than ZHCSolar! Our idea MPPT boost charge controller is perfect for charging the 48V 60v 72V solar battery with 36V solar panels. Not to mention, it is also ideal for charging the solar powered golf carts and electric vehicles. With our easy-to-use design, you’ll be able to get your battery charged up quickly and easily!

48V, 60V or 72V Solar Charge Controller? Which one is for you? With ZHCSolar’s smart boost charge controller, you can charge your 48V, 60V or 72v solar battery with 36V solar panels with ease. Not to mention, the idea charge controller is perfect for outdoor fans and vanlife! Never run out of power again with our smart and efficient 60V 72V charge controller!

Do you have an electric caravan? Are you looking for a way to charge it without having to go out in the sun? ZHCSolar has you covered! With this solar booster, you can quickly and easily charge your battery with the power of the sun. Not only that, but our controller is perfect for solar golf carts and other electric vehicles. Choose us today and slash your charging time by up to 50%!

This boost charge controller supports charge variou kinds of battery type,include lithium battery, lead acid battery, gel battery and AGM batteries.

Say goodbye to drained batteries and dead vehicles! With our CTK600 boost mppt charge controller, you’ll get the most out of your solar battery. This ingenious device helps you charge the 48V 60v 72V battery pack with 36V PV, perfect for Travel trailer boat car campervan caravan ebike camper trailer marine yatch and truck which has solar system installed. Offering hassle-free installation, this controller will also notify you when your battery is fully charged so you can take your ride off the grid! So what are you waiting for? Get it today and start enjoying your sustainable ride today!

MPPT Boost Controller Feature

1. Advanced MPPT maximum power point tracking technology, the maximum tracking efficiency is 98%, which can save the energy of the panel and reduce the cost of the panel.

2. using high-quality components to improve system performance, the maximum conversion efficiency of 97%.

3. Ultra-fast maximum power point tracking speed while ensuring tracking efficiency.

4. The 4 digital tube of this machine has the functions of real-time display of battery board voltage, charging current, battery voltage, etc., which is convenient for clear display of charging status. And this product allows customers to freely set battery voltage and charging parameters.

5, the wide PV array maximum power point operating voltage range of 12V-50V.

6. Directly display the design with each parameter, dynamically display the operating data and working status of the device, battery board voltage, charging current, battery voltage, etc.

7, Solar panel power-taking technology, standby power consumption is 0, the system power consumption all come from the battery board, not working at night.

8. This product supports customers to manually set the battery voltage and charging parameters through buttons. It can be applied to a variety of battery types, such as lithium batteries, iron lithium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lead-acid batteries, gel batteries, and other various batteries type.

9, with a child lock function to prevent accidental touch buttons caused by charging errors.

Highlight of the MPPT Boost 60V 72V Solar Charge Controller

1. MPPT high-efficiency charging mode, charging efficiency 97%;

2. Overcharge protection function to effectively protect the battery from overcharging;

3. Anti-reverse protection, battery and battery board have anti-reverse protection;

4. Short circuit protection, with child lock, safe and convenient;

5. Can be applied to a variety of batteries, battery board power, standby power consumption is 0.

Child Lock Instructions

Open the controller with 4 screws on the side of the digital display tube, you can see a 2-digit DIP switch, the ON position is the child lock opened, and the 1 2 position is the child lock closed. The factory default is the child lock closed.

Turn the DIP switch to the ON position after the controller installation and debugging are completed, in case the child lock is turned on, it can prevent the charging error caused by accidental touch. If you need to set the next time you can dial back to the 1 2 positions, disable the child lock.


Battery Type: Lithium Battery, Lead Acid Battery, AGM Battery, Gel Battery, LiPo Battery

Battery Voltage: 48V/60V/72V(with 36V solar panel)

Maximum Current: 16.7A

Max Solar Panel Power: ≤600W

Solar Panel Voltage: 12V~50V

Maximum Charging Voltage: 28.8V(24V),43.2V(36V),57.6V(48V), 72.0(60V),86.4V(72V)

Weight: 0.7lb

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