500W 12V AII in One Solar Inverter Charger


The 500W 12V All IN ONE Solar inverter Charger combines a 500W 12V Power inverter and a 20A solar Charge controller, which enables you to charge the solar battery with solar panels and power your appliances. With a one-button-control LCD display screen, it is easy to monitor and adjust your system. It’s a good choice for RV, house, Boat, Camper, workshop, and other off-grid system.

The GPI5012S simplifies off-grid solar power. This is a complete solar system in a box. Just bring your panels and your batteries, and away you go. 

The hybrid All one unit combines the solar charge controller and power inverter into a single piece. All you need to do is mount the box to the wall, connect your panels and batteries, and you’re in business. That’s it. You have a fully functioning off-grid solar kit.

The GPI5012S is a perfect beginner-friendly option for someone who wants to power an off-grid cabin, RV or Van. A super simple setup will allow you to be off-grid and boondocking quickly.

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What’s Included With Your 500W 12V Solar Inverter Charger Order?

  • 1 x GPI5012S All in One Solar Inverter / Charger – 20A Controller
  • Setup Guide & Manual
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Free Lifetime Customer Support (Phone, Live Chat, Email)

What does an all-in-one solar kit mean?

These are essentially “complete off-grid solar systems in a box.” They include:

  • AC Inverter (500W Continuous / 1000W Surge)
  • Solar Charger Controller (20A)
  • Circuit breakers/temperature protection/custom charge profiles
  • Automatic Transfer Switch (if grid/shore power is available)

It gets easier than this. No more cutting/stripping/crimping wires for hours, figuring out fuse and wire sizing. Purchase this kit, and you’ll be up and running within an hour or 2!

GPI5012S All in One Solar Inverter Charger Features:

  • 230V AC Output
  • 20A Solar input
  • 10.5V ~ 16V Solar Voltage Input
  • Pure Sine Wave Output
  • 50 Hz support
  • Programmable Parameters
  • Adjustable bulk & float charging voltage
  • Overload and Short Circuit Protection
  • LCD Display + LED indicators
  • RS232/USB communication interface
  • Dimensions ( Dimensions 240×205×93 mm / 9.4 × 8 × 3.6 in )
  • 4.5 Kg / 10 lbs
  • Lifetime Customer Support (Phone, Email, or Live Chat)

All in One Solar Charge Inverter Wiring Diagram


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