48V 60V 72V Boost Solar Charge Controller MPPT


The Product is Featured 48V 60V 72V Boost Solar Charge Controller MPPT, The Boost Function enables you charge 48V 60V 72V Battery Bank with 18V or 36V Solar Panels, which widely applicable to Solar powered Electric Vehicle like Camper Trailer Caravan, Truck, RV, Marine and Golf Cart.

Boost Charge Solar Charge Controller MPPT Type Take advantage of MPPT Technology Helps you Track the maximum power point and harvest the most solar energy.

Boost Charge controller help you charge higher voltage battery bank with lower voltage solar panels, want the know more, check the boost controller guide here.

Support Battery Type: Lithium Battery, Lead Acid Battery, Gel Battery, AGM Battery

Boost Charge Solar Charge Controller MPPT Feature:

  1. MPPT BOOST Charge: The controller adopts a high efficiency boost MPPT charging method, and the conversion efficiency is over 90%.
  2. SOLAR POWER SUPPLY: The solar electric vehicle controller system is powered by solar power, which will not reduce the battery power.
  3. 2 WAY CHARGING: The main charger and solar charging do not affect each other, and the charger can be charged at the same time.
  4. GOOD HEAT DISSIPATION: The solar charger adopts an excellent cooling fan heat dissipation design, heavily extend the booster service life.
  5. REAL TIME Statics: The digital tube displays the charging current, battery voltage and solar input voltage in real time clearly.

Boost Charge Solar Charge Controller MPPT Specification:

Item Type: Boost Solar Charger
Shell Material: Aluminum
Size: Approx. 12.6 x 7.6 x 4.5cm/5.0 x 3.0 x 1.8in
Gross Weight: Approx. 386g/13.6oz
Output Voltage: 48V/60V/72V (Adjustable)
Maximum Output Power (Solar Panel): 12V200W; 24V400W
Input Voltage: 13V-45V
Maximum Input Current: 10A


1. One Button Design, You Can Freely Set the Output Voltage, Suitable for All Kinds of Batteries
2. Complete Anti Overcharge, Anti Reverse Charge, Anti Reverse and Short Circuit Protection Functions
3. Digital Status Indication, the Running Status is Clear at a Glance
4. The System Adopts Intelligent Design, the User Does Not Need Other Settings

Package List:

1 x Solar Charger
1 x Accessories

1 x Manual


1. When wiring, please connect the positive and negative poles of the solar panel first, and then connect the positive and negative poles of the electric vehicle battery.
2. fix some errors due to manual measurement.


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