48 Volt Solar Charger for Golf Cart

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the 48 Volt Solar Charger for Golf Cart is an economical charger of the boost controller family, specifically designed to charge solar golf carts and electric vehicles. It supports charging 48V 60V 72V batteries with up to 360W input.

The boost controller is a charger with built-in MPPT function, which ensures that the controller has the best solar energy conversion efficiency.

The controller can be used to charge the 48V 60V 72V battery system with 18V or 36V panels, which is suitable for electric vehicles that can only mount small panels.

the solar booster is one of the best 48 volt charge controller for solar powered golf carts and ebikes.

it’s a great choice when you want to convert the golf cart to solar powered but has tight budget.

48 Volt Solar Charger for Golf Cart function

Features of 48 Volt Solar Charger for Golf Cart

  • True MPPT Technology with 98% Conversion efficiency
  • Multiple Protections
  • Onekey Reboot
  • LED Indicator
  • Switch Dip to Support 48V 60V 72V Battery Bank
  • Support various battery type include Lithium ion battery, lead acid battery, Gel battery and user define battery,etc.

48 Volt Solar Charger for Golf Cart interface


Solar Charger Type: Solar boost controller
Conversion efficiency: 98%
Working voltage: DC12-50V
Battery Bank Voltages: 48V 60V 72V
Maximum charge current: 10A
Working temperature: – 20 ° to 60 ° C
Rated power: 18V/200W,36V/360W
Protection grade: IP30
Compatible with the battery type: Lead acid,Ternary battery, Lithium iron battery, Lifepo4 battery, colloidal battery, etc
Cooling: Shell Cooling
Overall dimensions: 125 x 68 x42mm
Weight: 0.51lb / 233g



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