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Solar Charge Controller Error Codes

solar charge controller error codes

An error on your Solar Charge controller indicates a problem. Here’s a reference list so you can identify what the problem is and what steps are needed. Some errors can be resolved on your own with some light troubleshooting so you can get your solar Charge controller back in working order again. Note: The provided […]

Solar Charge Controller Settings Guide 2022

solar charge controller settings

It is important to have an understanding of solar charge controller settings and the importance of selecting the best voltage and charge for your solar battery. In this article we will discuss: What is a solar charge controller and how to set it correctly. We will also discuss the voltage settings for different types of […]

Best 60V 72V Solar Charge Controller of 2022

72v solar charge controller

find the best 60V solar charge controller and 72v solar charge controller with our list from zhcsolar expert. they have ranked each 60V & 72V charge controllers after testing and reviewing the charge ability, amps, technology, features, charge performance, option, build and more. are you planning to buy a new 60V & 72V solar charge […]

What is a Boost Solar Charge Controller?

boost solar charge controller

Boost solar charge controller is a kind of charge controller that allows lower voltage panels to charge higher voltage battery banks with entire voltage and current boost function. Boost controllers allow you to use 12V, 24V,36V or 48V lower voltage solar panels to charge 36V, 48V,60V and 72V Battery banks. This is especially designed for […]